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Low-risk Monolith to Microservice Evolution Part I

As part of a two-day microservices workshop I’m putting together, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to explain monolith-application decomposition and what a transition to microservices might look like. This is a small subset of that material, but I want to share with you to get feedback (in the workshop we go into more detail about whether you should ...

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Secure REST Service with OAuth2 Tokens


1. Introduction In this tutorial, we will check out how we can use Spring Security with OAuth to secure REST Service. In the demo application, the secured REST resources on the server are accessible with the path pattern (/api/**), such that the request URLs based on this path are mapped to different controller methods. This means that – Any REST ...

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SecureLogin For Java Web Applications


No, there is not a missing whitespace in the title. It’s not about any secure login, it’s about the SecureLogin protocol developed by Egor Homakov, a security consultant, who became famous for committing to master in the Rails project without having permissions. The SecureLogin protocol is very interesting, as it does not rely on any central party (e.g. OAuth providers ...

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How to Format a String, Clarified!

A User-Friendly Introduction The Java Documentation of String formatting is not the easiest to read and understand if you are not familiar with String formatting or just want a quick solution. Although it is complete, it is not very user-friendly, so I thought I would try and write a clearer version. This article is as much for you as it ...

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Intercept Incoming SMS on Android

Last week I talked about using SMS to activate your application which is a pretty powerful way to verify a user account. I left a couple of things out though. One of those things is the ability to grab the incoming SMS automatically. This is only possible on Android but it’s pretty cool for the users as it saves on ...

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Enum: How to use name() and toString() methods correctly

The Difference Between Two Methods? The Java Enum has two methods that retrieve that value of an enum constant, name() and .toString(). The toString() method calls the name() method which returns the string representation of the enum constant. In listing 1, the value returned by calling the name() and toString() on an Animal.DOG constant method is DOG. Listing 1: Animal Enum public ...

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Testing time based reactor core streams with Virtual time

Reactor Core implements the Reactive Streams specification and deals with handling a (potentially unlimited) stream of data. If it interests you, do check out the excellent documentation it offers. Here I am assuming some basic familiarity with the Reactor Core libraries Flux and Mono types and will cover Reactor Core provides an abstraction to time itself to enable testing of functions which depend on ...

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Eclipse MicroProfile: 5 Things You Need to Know

Optimising Enterprise Java for Microservice Architecture The Eclipse MicroProfile initiative was launched at JavaOne 2016, the brainchild of server vendors and Java user groups, in order to address the shortcomings in the Enterprise Java microservices space. The pace of Java EE releases slowed to a point where it was unable to meet the challenges of the rapidly advancing microservice trend. ...

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Testing a HATEOAS service


This post is a follow up post to a few that I have written recently relating to writing a HATEOAS service and handling exceptions with Spring (Applying HATEOAS to a REST API with Spring Boot and Global exception handling with @ControllerAdvice). Now that we have looked through setting up a service and how to add some error handling via controller ...

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