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Java: How Object Reuse Can Reduce Latency and Improve Performance

Become familiar with the art of object reuse by reading this article and learn the pros and cons of different reuse strategies in a multi-threaded Java application. This allows you to write more performant code with less latency. While the use of objects in object-oriented languages such as Java provides an excellent way of abstracting away complexity, frequent object creation ...

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So you want to expose your JAX-RS services over HTTP/2


Nonetheless HTTP/2 is about six years old (already!), and HTTP/3 is around the corner, it looks like the majority of the web applications and systems are stuck in time, operating over HTTP/1.x protocol. And we are not even talking about legacy systems, it is not difficult to stumble upon greenfield web applications that ignore the existence of the HTTP/2 in ...

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Service to Service Call Pattern – Multi-Cluster Ingress

Multi-Cluster Ingress is a neat feature of Anthos and GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine), whereby a user accessing an application that is hosted on multiple GKE clusters, in different zones is directed to the right cluster that is nearest to the user! So for eg. consider two GKE clusters, one in us-west1, based out of Oregon, USA and another in europe-north1, ...

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The Live Database Pipeline

Evolutionary Database Design is a slightly counterintuitive approach to managing a database. On the one hand, we think of our databases as towers that we must defend from any old change and must deploy to carefully. On the other hand, if we can get very good at deploying incremental changes to a database, and keeping track of them, then we ...

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What is logic in relation to AI?

As I had written in my previous blog, I don’t believe a true AI can be a computer program. The question that arises is why not? And if not, what can it be? As I have said, I find that computers are just that, a system that does mathematical computations and nothing more. While we claim that our computers are ...

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Kernel – Message Formatting and Template Expansions


Kernel – Message Formatting and Template Expansions    The module kivakit-kernel supports a simple variable substitution syntax. This syntax can be used when formatting messages, or when substituting variables into templates. Formatting a Message Basic message formatting is achieved with the Message.format() method: var formatted = Message.format("Hello my name is $", name); The symbol $ is an expansion marker, and ...

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Java: Why a Set Can Contain Duplicate Elements

In low-latency applications, the creation of unnecessary objects is often avoided by reusing mutable objects to reduce memory pressure and thus the load on the garbage collector. This makes the application run much more deterministically and with much less jitter. However, care must be taken as to how these reused objects are used or else unexpected results might manifest themselves, ...

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