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Spring Security and Custom Password Encoding


On a previous post we added password encoding to our spring security configuration using jdbc and md5 password encoding. However in case of custom UserDetailsServices we need to make some tweeks to our security configuration. We need to create a DaoAuthenticationProvider bean and set it to the AuthenticationManagerBuilder. Since we need a Custom UserDetailsService I will use use the Spring ...

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JavaOne 2016 Observations by Proxy

I was not able to attend JavaOne 2016 and so am happy to see numerous resources online that allow me to make observations based on JavaOne 2016 content. I reference and briefly describe some of these JavaOne 2016 resources in this post and add some of my own observations based on use of those resources. These resources are useful to ...

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Free Webinar: The New Way to Debug Java in Production


What are some of the most useful Java production debugging techniques? You never know what might happen when you deploy new code to production. What was once nice, working code might turn into a buggy application that will not work as expected. That’s why debugging in production is a key element to understand how your application behaves in real life, ...

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Raspberry Remote Desktop: How to

This short guide describes how to enable a raspberry remote desktop. You may already know that Raspberry PI is an incredible computer that supports a modified version of Linux operating system. We can use it as a real computer because we can connect a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse and so on. Raspberry can be used in IoT projects to. ...

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Pair Programming for the rescue!

Those of you who’ve already read some of my articles have probably noticed that I’m sort of a developer that is extremely passionate about code that is clean. The reason behind this fanaticism is not my fascination with pure beauty because I’ve never treated code as art as such. I’m so much focused on writing clean code and maintaining code ...

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What Agile Project Managers Do Not Do, Part 2

In What Agile Project Managers Do, Part 1, I spoke about what agile project managers might do. Here’s what agile project managers do not do: The agile project manager does not assign work. The agile project manager does not estimate work on behalf of the team. The agile project manager does not commit to features, stories, or tasks on behalf ...

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5 Easy steps for Testers to Influence Developers

A classic problem for testers in agile contexts is the fact that they feel they are not listened to by developers. Testers, often rightly, warn developers from doing stuff because the consequences could be very bad, but developers in many cases don’t listen to them. This is very upsetting, testers find themselves lonely within an agile team because of this. They ...

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