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Jacob is a certified Java programmer (level 1) and Python enthusiast. He loves to solve large problems with programming and considers himself pretty good at design.

Movie Database App: IMDb API

Thus begins the real first article in my new Movie Database App series. Today, we’ll start looking at how I’m working with the IMDb API. Keep in mind it’s still a work in progress and could potentially remain that way until the full application is done. For instance, I still don’t have any of the “safety” features put in yet, ...

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Subscript Operator Overloading: Python vs Kotlin

Being able to access items in collections using subscripting (i.e. with square brackets, like myCollection[2]) is a really big convenience for me. I hate typing method names for this functionality, especially the boring old get() method. Not only is get() boring, it’s incredibly nondescript. (On a tangent: In my opinion, it would be nice if the “default” name for a ...

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Advanced Creation of Hamcrest Matchers in Kotlin

This article is a rewrite of an older one done in Java. This one is done in Kotlin instead. Intro Last time, I went over what a Hamcrest Matcher was, how it’s used, and how to make one. In this article, I will explain more advanced steps in the creation of Hamcrest Matchers. First, I’ll share how to make your ...

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How to Make Your Own Hamcrest Matchers in Kotlin

This article is a rewrite of an older one done in Java. This one is done in Kotlin instead. Intro to Hamcrest Matchers First things first, I should quickly explain what a Hamcrest Matcher is. When doing unit testing, the built-in assertion types that come with the testing framework are generally pretty limited. They make it very easy for a ...

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Defending Public-By-Default in Kotlin

Some people have spoken against Kotlin’s decision to make classes, methods, etc. public by default (when no visibility modifier is used), and I would just like to pitch in on why I think JetBrains made the right decision on this one. Those who are against it bring up the principle of hiding everything that you can get away with in ...

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Use Matchers for Preconditions and Postconditions

Sorry, this is late. Excuses, excuses. I feel like I’ve seen this somewhere else once before in my life, but it the idea doesn’t seem to have spread much. That’s probably due to the lack of traction for pre- and postconditions in general. So, we’ll start with those. Preconditions and Postconditions Preconditions and postconditions are a little old-fashioned, having been ...

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A New Idea For Functions

Introduction Man, I’ve had this idea in my head for more than a month now (luckily I wrote it down, too), waiting until the day I wrote this post. I didn’t write it because I was busy with the move and new job, but now things are finally settling down! Here’s the thing: When you really dig into it, proper ...

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