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Johanna consults, speaks, and writes about managing product development. She helps managers and leaders do reasonable things that work. You can read more of her writings at jrothman.com.

See and Resolve Team Dependencies, Part 3: Some Component Teams, Some Feature Team

Continuing the series on dependencies… Maybe you don’t have the problem where the team creates internal dependencies with their process. And you don’t have to wait for someone outside the team to approve your work—an organizational process. But you do have a combination of platform/component teams and feature teams. I see this most often in products similar to the Integrated ...

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See and Resolve Team Dependencies, Part 2: One Person Outside the Team

Does your organization have an enterprise architect or Chief Product Person? We create these positions to check that the teams don’t try to implement something “wrong.” However, a single person in this position creates bottlenecks and dependencies. (A committee might create even tighter bottlenecks.) Those dependencies slow the work. Small-World Network If a person delays the work, how then can ...

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Use Decision Deadlines to Plan for Product Deliverables

Many organizations ask teams to forecast when the team can deliver a feature. (Or finish a project.) That request often means the teams spend a ton of time forecasting, not delivering. Instead, what if managers told the team when the managers want to make a decision? The team could deliver enough to help the managers make those decisions. Instead of ...

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Five Tips for Your Successful (Hybrid Remote) Satellite Team

You’ve spent the better part of two years organizing for all-remote work. Now, your managers want people back in the office. However, your team won’t all be back in the same time and space. People get to choose which days (and possibly hours) they come into the office. That means you don’t have a collocated team. You also don’t have ...

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Leadership Tip 14: Reduce Other People’s Dependence on Your Decisions

You’re a leader in the organization. And you’re supposed to be at another meeting, that started 15 minutes ago. Your previous meeting ran long, so now you’re late. But the conversation you just had? That conversation prevented a bad product decision. (Or, it prevented a customer meltdown. Or something equally important.) At least, the decisions you made earlier seemed quite ...

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How to See Business Agility: Adaptable and Resilient Management Actions

More of my clients say they want business agility. (That’s a good thing.) Yet, we don’t share a common definition of it. My clients mostly discuss their mindset. Mindset might help people, but it’s not sufficient. Instead, let’s consider how to see management’s adaptable and resilient actions. Those actions show that managers change their actions in the face of new ...

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