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Getting Started with MapR Streams

MapR Streams is a new distributed messaging system for streaming event data at scale, and it’s integrated into the MapR converged platform. MapR Streams uses the Apache Kafka API, so if you’re already familiar with Kafka, you’ll find it particularly easy to get started with MapR Streams. Although MapR Streams generally uses the Apache Kafka programming model, there are a ...

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App Dev Cloud Stack – It’s all about the PaaS baby

This series started with the statement, what do you mean by “Can’t ignore the stack anymore?” When your background is application development, you have spent many hours, days and years perfecting your craft. You have not only learned languages and concepts, you have made it a point to learn to make good architectural decisions when pulling together the applications you ...

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Communities and Criticism

It would seem only logical that a major advantage of a community is access to criticism. Ok, yeah, that‘s a bad word. Let‘s back up. To perspective. Wait, what‘s the difference between those things? If someone has a different perspective on something that we have done, we immediately think that they: don‘t like us are mean are probably a troll ...

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JUnit 5 – Basics

Last week we’ve set up JUnit 5 to be able to write tests. So let’s do it! Overview This post is part of a series about JUnit 5: Setup Basics Architecture Conditions Injection … Most of what you will read here and more can be found in the emerging JUnit 5 user guide. Note that it is based on an ...

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Cassandra Migration Tool

Matija Gobec (@mad_max0204) is the co-founder and CTO of SmartCat, big data consultancy company with the main focus on solving problems in data intensive environments. He spreads his knowledge by public speaking and through the company blog and also works on open source tools to help out Cassandra community. SmartCat delivers the top-notch, certified Big Data systems implementation service at ...

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SQL JOIN or EXISTS? Chances Are, You’re Doing it Wrong

I’ve noticed this very consistently with a lot of customers, and also with participants of our Data Geekery SQL Workshop (which I highly recommend to everyone, if you excuse the advertising): A lot of developers get the distinction between JOIN and SEMI-JOIN wrong. Let me explain… What are JOIN and SEMI-JOIN A little bit of relational algebra first. What is ...

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Apache Flink GA – Planning for the Future

The distributed computation world has seen a massive shift in the last decade. Apache Hadoop showed up on the scene and brought with it new ways to handle distributed computation at scale. It wasn’t the easiest to work with, and the APIs were far from perfect, but they worked. People tried using this platform as the proverbial hammer to build ...

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Java compile in Java

In a previous post I wrote about how to generate a proxy during run-time and we got as far as having Java source code generated. However to use the class it has to be compiled and the generated byte code to be loaded into memory. That is “compile” time. Luckily since Java 1.6 we have access the Java compiler during ...

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How to Set Up Mutual TLS Authentication

So you’ve got an admin panel because it’s just easier than fiddling with the Rails console to administer the application. On the other hand, it’s a pretty sensitive place. If someone gained access, it just would be… not good. You’ve got everything there already: strong passwords that aren’t saved somewhere in your e-mail, and TLS for the entire application and ...

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How-To Apache Spark Streaming with Scala Part 1 – Supergloo

Let’s start Apache Spark Streaming by building up our confidence with small steps.  These small steps will create the forward momentum needed when learning new skills.  The quickest way to gain confidence and momentum in learning new software development skills is executing code that performs without error. In this post, we’re going to setup and run Apache Spark Streaming with ...

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