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Katalon is a leading provider in software test automation solutions. The company provides an affordable, flexible, and scalable testing platform for web, API, mobile, and desktop testing — from creating tests, execution, reports, to seamless integration with the CI/CD ecosystem. Learn more at https://www.katalon.com/

From Manual to Automation: 5 Essential Steps

Manual Testing vs. Automation Testing Being a manual tester is a mentally-taxing career. It is basically part of the job to be stressed out by the number of tests and stretched thin by tight deadlines. In the middle of this chaos, have you ever wondered ”Shouldn’t this huge amount of tests be automated?”. How to Switch From Manual to Automation ...

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The Release of Selenium 4 (and 4.1) | Top Features to Look Into

The first-ever release of Selenium WebDriver 1.0 in 2007 has indented a lasting footprint in web automated testing. And through the years, the contributions of the Selenium project (WebDriver, Grid, and IDE) have truly transformed the way that we do quality assurance.  Fast forward to the ‘drop-in’ release of Selenium 4 and Selenium 4.1, this article narrows down the top ...

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Shorten the SDLC With DevTestOps in Agile | Why Teams Do It

DevTestOps and DevOps – Not Just Another Hype Don’t worry. DevTestOps isn’t another new term to create turbulence in our IT and DevOps world.  Similar to other topologies like DevSecOps, which emphasizes more on the “Sec,” or security matters, DevTestOps stresses the aspect of continuous testing and CI/CD in DevOps.  At the same time, to uphold the culture of saying ...

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DevOps Orchestration | Your Next Investment after Automation

Automation is a hot issue for businesses of all sizes, across all industries. Whether you work in IT or not, you’ve probably heard of automation as a method to save money, improve efficiency, and minimize errors. However, following automation, you may be wondering what action to take next, or if there are any obstacles that are restraining your DevOps teams.  ...

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Cloud Orchestration 101 | A Complete Guide for Beginners

With the expectation to become a $623 billion market by 2023, cloud computing is firmly planted in the technological field. Specifically, the more information that’s created, the higher the demand there is for quick access and manipulation of that data. Therefore, what cloud services offer to end-users is usable and essential: unlimited data storage, disaster recovery, and worldwide access. Introduction ...

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Container Orchestration | Definition, Benefits & How It Works

Container Orchestration | Definition, Benefits & How It Works In the 1970’s, the concept of a container-based application emerged to transform the IT world. For the first time, the software was deployed consistently and reliably regardless of the target environment’s changes (private or public cloud, personal computer, etc.). With the development of containers, container orchestration has become a trending topic ...

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Ultimate Guide to Apply Field Testing for Mobile Application

Field Testing and Its Importance Field testing is a critical step in the last phase of mobile testing. After all regression tests pass, testers would go into the real environment to verify an application’s usability and behavior. The purpose of field testing is to determine how an application works before releasing it to end-users. Therefore, teams test to see how ...

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Simulators vs Emulators vs Real Devices | Mobile Testing Differences

Mobile testing involves spotting bugs in a mobile application and fixing them – ranging from identifying sign-up issues, breaking in the payment process, or finding glitches in navigation before it hits the market. This testing can be done manually or with automation, and utilizing the right testing strategy helps meet all quality and usability requirements. Among the elements necessary for ...

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A Complete Guide to Successfully Win a Mobile Testing Job

According to Grandview Research, the mobile application industry is rapidly growing on a day-to-day basis and expected to reach USD 170.52 billion in 2020. Along with this growth, mobile testers have become one of the most demanded talents. They are needed to meet end-users different mobile application demands, and companies are now willing to provide attractive opportunities with competitive salaries ...

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