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Java Based Akka application Part 1: Your base Project

Akka is a free, open-source toolkit and runtime for building highly concurrent, distributed, and resilient message-driven applications on the JVM. Along with Akka you have akka-streams  a module that makes the ingestion and processing of streams easy  and Alpakka, a Reactive Enterprise Integration library for Java and Scala, based on Reactive Streams and Akka. On this blog I shall focus ...

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Docker Tutorial Part 2 – The good the bad and the IP

In this second part of docker tutorial, I’ll explain basics of networking in docker with stand-alone containers. Remember from the previous part of the tutorial where we mapped port of our host machine and the container? In this part, we will setup our containers so they can communicate with each other and for that we don’t need to do an ...

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How to Hide CloudHub Properties?

Main points: property values can be hidden in Runtime Managerproperty names must be listed in the mule-artifact.xml fileproperty values can be edited manually and will remain maskedvalues remain masked even if removed from mule-artifact.xml file CloudHub Properties CloudHub supports the hiding of application properties in Anypoint Runtime Manager. The property name is displayed but the value is masked with asterisks, ...

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Zenserp Review: How to Scrape SERP Data Faster

Whether you’re a developer or not, one thing for sure is that scraping SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) can be a tough nut to crack on Google or any other search engine. The main hold up is that search engines slow down data collection with technology such as Captchas which get automatically triggered when they detect there might not be ...

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Start a Java app without installing it

This article describes how you can use JShell to download and execute a Java application. It will eliminate the need for the installation of the application. Do not install, just run! The first obstacle that you have to overcome to make people use your app is the installation.You want people to use the app, try it out.To do that, they ...

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Target Architecture

In the last two posts, we looked at generic architecture diagrams and security-specific diagrams. These diagrams reflect the current architecture of a system. This time we will look at using diagrams to depict a desired future architecture, or target architecture. The point of a target architecture is to paint a picture of the desired state that will act as the ...

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Run method on Spring Boot startup


While developing a spring boot application, sometimes we need to run a method or a piece of code at startup. This code can be anything ranging from, logging certain information to setting up database, cron jobs etc. We cannot just put this code in constructor, because required variables or servies may not be initialized yet. This could lead to null pointers or some ...

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What is Garbage collection log, Thread dump, Heap dump?

Java Virtual Machine (JVM) generates 3 critical artifacts that are useful for optimizing the performance and troubleshooting production problems. Those artifacts are: Garbage collection (GC) logThread DumpHeap Dump In this article let us try to understand these 3 critical artifacts, where to use them, how does it look, how to capture them, how to analyze them and their differences. 1. ...

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