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The beautiful simplicity of Apache Ranger plugin

If you are here, you already know what Apache Ranger is. It is the most popular, if not the only, way to manage security in the Hadoop framework. It has integrations with Active Directory, Kerberos and various others for authentication but I believe the most interesting feature is its authorization support. Being part of the Hadoop ecosystem, one would not be surprised ...

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Jakarta EE: A Clean Slate


The announcement that Jakarta EE cannot use the javax.* namespace is great news and provides Jakarta EE with a clean slate on which to build and innovate the future of Enterprise Java. The original proposal It had been envisioned that the javax.* and jakarta.* namespaces would coexist after Java EE 8 and, as it evolved, the jakarta.* namespace would be used for new features ...

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Creating Custom Maven Archetype

Maven archetypes are the project templates which can help us quickly create a maven starter project based on its type. It’s a great tool to bootstrap a maven project with least effort. There are wide options of archetypes available to us. Some of the popular archetypes include – maven-archetype-quickstart, maven-archetype-webapp, maven-archetype-archetype. To create a maven project with a specific archetype, ...

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Upgrading Spring Security OAuth and JUnit Tests through the πŸ‘€ of a Java Hipster


β€œI love writing authentication and authorization code.” ~ No Java Developer Ever. Tired of building the same login screens over and over? Try the Okta API for hosted authentication, authorization, and multi-factor auth. Using unit and integration tests to verify your code quality is an excellent way to show you care about your code. I recently did a bunch of ...

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Handling exceptions functional style

Java supports checked exceptions from the very start. With Java 8 the language element lambda and the RT library modifications supporting stream operations introduced functional programming style to the language. Functional style and exceptions are not really good friends. In this article, I will describe a simple library that handles exceptions somehow similar to how null is handled using Optional. ...

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Creating a Java::Geci generator

A few days back I wrote about Java::Geci architecture, code generation philosophy and the possible different ways to generate Java source code. In this article, I will talk about how simple it is to create a generator in Java::Geci. Hello, Wold generator HelloWorld1 The simplest ever generator is a Hello, World! generator. This will generate a method that prints Hello, ...

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