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Undo feature with Neo4J & Enterprise Java

I’ve created an example how to implement an undo feature in a Quarkus application that uses a Neo4J database. From a user perspective, an undo action might look little spectacular, but once you know what needs to be taken into account on a database side, it’s everything but trivial. Especially in graph databases, we need to take the relationships into ...

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A Weird Side Entrance

One of the main reasons I blog is to remind myself how easily one can use software development techniques to make bad decisions. I do it myself all the time… In a recent project, I was working with Spring Data which is able to create powerful CRUD operations over data sources if you just create an interface: interface FooRepository extends ...

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Spring Security


There are many authentication mechanisms (basic, digest, form, X.509, etc), and there are many storage options for credentials and authority information (in-memory, database, LDAP, etc). Authorization depends on authentication and determines if you have the required Authority. The decision process is often based on roles (e.g. ADMIN, MEMBER, GUEST, etc). There are three steps to set up and configure Spring ...

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Apache Camel 3.7 (LTS) Released – The fastest Camel ever

The Apache Camel 3.7 was released some days ago. This is a LTS release which means we will provide patch releases for one year. The next planned LTS release is 3.10 scheduled towards summer 2021. So what’s in this release This release introduces a set of new features and noticeable improvements that we will cover in this blog post. Pre ...

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Jakarta MVC 2.0 Released


Jakarta MVC 2.0 passed the release review ballot and is now ratified as a final specification according to the Jakarta EE Specification Process (JESP). The last steps for the project team after the ballot are to release the staged artifacts to Maven Central and verify that all published information is correct. That has now been done, and I have listed ...

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JDK 16: Stream to List In One Easy Call

As Java functional streams have become increasingly popular, an increasing number of requests is being made for new stream operations to be supported. Amidst these requests for numerous disparate new operations, one operation that seems to be requested more than the others is an operation that directly provides a List from a Stream. JDK 16 Early Access Build 27 introduces ...

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Java’s String.repeat Method in Action: Building PreparedStatement with Dynamic Number of Parameters

Java’s String.repeat(int) method is an example of a “small” addition to Java (introduced with JDK 11) that I find myself frequently using and appreciating. This post describes use of JDK 11-introduced String.repeat(int) for easier custom generation of SQL WHERE clauses with the appropriate number of “?” parameter placeholders for use with PreparedStatements. Many Java developers do not need to manually ...

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