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Jeremy is the founder of The Renegade Coder, a software curriculum website launched in 2017. In addition, he is a PhD student with an interest in education and data visualization.

What Is a Dictionary in Python?

As I continue to write about Python, I find myself wanting some sort of place to direct my readers to learn some of the more fundamental programming concepts. For instance, I write a lot about Python dictionaries, but I don’t actually explain what a dictionary is to the level of detail that some of my readers might like. As a ...

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IndexError: String Index out of Range

Surprise, surprise! We’re back with another article on a Python exception. Of course, this time we’re moving away from the SyntaxError and into a more specialized error, the IndexError, which is accompanied by various error messages. The error message we’ll be talking about today reads: IndexError: string index out of range. In case you’re short on time, this IndexError arises ...

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Be Careful When Modifying Data While Using a Java Iterator

As this semester begins to wrap up, I figured I’d share a little story of how I got very, very familiar with Java iterators. Real World Context For context, I teach a second-year software components course which serves as the last hurdle for students trying to get into the major. Naturally, this course is very stressful for students, and I ...

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The Remainder Operator Works on Doubles in Java

I’ve been teaching at OSU for nearly two years, and it always astounds me how much I learn from my students. For instance, in the past, I’ve had students write strange pieces of code that I didn’t understand. At this point, even after 300+ blog posts, several YouTube videos, and even collecting code snippets from over 100 languages, you’d think ...

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Reverse a String in Dart

In this article, we will look at string reversal in Google’s Dart language. How to Implement the Solution Below is the completed Dart solution: 1 2 3 4 5 6 void main(List<String> args) {     print( reverse(args[0]) ); } String reverse(input) {     return input.split('').reversed.join(); } Much like C or Java, Dart uses the function name main as an entry point for ...

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Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithms

With my qualifying exam just ten days away, I’ve decided to move away from the textbook and back into writing. After all, if I can explain the concepts, I should be able to pass a test on them, right? Well, today I’m interesting in covering one of the concepts from my algorithms course: minimum spanning trees. Minimum Spanning Trees Overview ...

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