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Jeremy is the founder of The Renegade Coder, a software curriculum website launched in 2017. In addition, he is a PhD student with an interest in education and data visualization.

Yet Another Way to Learn Recursion

Every semester, I pass around a survey to get some feedback on my teaching. This past semester someone finally gave me an idea for a new article. In particular, they wanted to learn some more about recursion, so I figured I’d put together some tips. Recursion Overview For those of you that might be learning recursion for the first time, ...

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The 8 Primitive Types in Java

As I begin to edit my Java Basics series from a couple years ago, I thought it would make sense to start pulling some really detailed information out into their own posts. That way, the beginner content is much easier to digest. To start, I’m pulling out all the information I have on the 8 primitive types in Java. Java ...

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