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Creating your own devfile registry

Prerequisites You need a Kubernetes or OpenShift cluster (eg., minikube or minishift), into which you have installed Che. Follow the steps in this document to deploy Che. Steps below can then be done to deploy a custom devfile registry to your cluster, and use it with Che. Procedure Check out https://github.com/eclipse/che-devfile-registry/ git clone https://github.com/eclipse/che-devfile-registry/ cd che-devfile-registry Make changes in the devfiles/ folder to ...

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Discovering containers loaded by Che 7

Prerequisites You need a Kubernetes or OpenShift cluster (eg., minikube or minishift), into which you have  installed Che. Follow the steps in this document to deploy Che. Steps below can be done in parallel to collect a list of containers involved in deployment. Procedure Once you have started your cluster, you can watch events and see which images are pulled. Start this ...

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Deploying Che 7 to Minishift with chectl

Prerequisites You need the latest  Minishift and chectl releases. Fetch them like this (or similar): cd ~/bin curl -sSL https://github.com/che-incubator/chectl/releases/download/20190628062929/chectl-linux -o chectl chmod +x chectl cd /tmp curl -sSL https://github.com/minishift/minishift/releases/download/v1.34.0/minishift-1.34.0-linux-amd64.tgz -o minishift.tgz tar xvzf minishift.tgz mv minishift*/minishift ~/bin/ chmod +x ~/bin/minishift Procedure Start up minishift. minishift Log in once startup is complete. oc login 192.168.MY.IP:8433 -u system -p admin To watch the events ...

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Managing Jenkins job configurations

In JBoss Tools and Developer Studio, we manage a lot of build jobs in Jenkins. In fact, for the 3.2.x/4.x and 3.3.x/5.x streams, there are over 195 jobs. When we start building our next year’s first milestone, we’ll spawn another 40+ jobs. Here are some of them: http://hudson.jboss.org/hudson/view/JBossTools/view/JBossTools_Trunk/ http://hudson.jboss.org/hudson/view/JBossTools/view/JBossTools_3.3.indigo http://hudson.jboss.org/hudson/view/JBossTools/view/JBossTools_3.2.helios To assist in performance, we use maven profiles in our ...

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MANIFEST.MF and feature.xml versioning rules


I’m forever forgetting what the rules are for dependency declarations in MANIFEST.MF and feature.xml for osgi plugins and features. And Googling often results in frustration rather than an answer. So, because today I actually found a concise list of the rules, I thought I’d repost them here, with some minor edits to help clarify. OSGi Plugin Version Ranges Dependencies on ...

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Git vs. SVN – Commandline Syntax Reference

Learning the git workflow takes a bit of brain retraining, but since I’ve been using SVN almost entirely via commandline (because Subversive sucks and locks up my Eclipse when I try to use it for anything beyond synching/updating/committing a handful of files), adopting git’s commandline syntax is reasonably similar. Consider these simple operations: Initial checkout from existing repo for a ...

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Git in colour

I’ve been using Git for a while now, but only today realized I can have coloured output for diff, grep, branch, show-branch and status, without having to hook in any other external tools (like colordiff, for example). Here’s my ~/.gitconfig file, which enables colour: [user] name = Nick Boldt email = nickboldt (at) gmail.com [giggle] main-window-maximized = false main-window-geometry = ...

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