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Git in colour

I’ve been using Git for a while now, but only today realized I can have coloured output for diff, grep, branch, show-branch and status, without having to hook in any other external tools (like colordiff, for example).

Here’s my ~/.gitconfig file, which enables colour:

        name = Nick Boldt
        email = nickboldt (at)
        main-window-maximized = false
        main-window-geometry = 1324x838+0+24
        main-window-view = HistoryView
        trustctime = false
        branch = auto
        diff = auto
        interactive = auto
        status = auto
        editor = vim
        tool = vimdiff
        denyCurrentBranch = warn
        autosetuprebase = local
        ui = true
        diff = true
        grep = true
        branch = true
        showbranch = true
        status = true
[color "diff"]
        plain = normal dim
        meta = yellow dim
        frag = blue bold
        old = magenta
        new = cyan
        whitespace = red reverse
[color "status"]
        header = normal dim
        added = yellow
        untracked = magenta
[color "branch"]
        current = yellow reverse
        local = yellow
        remote = red

Reference: Git in colour from our JCG partner Nick Boldt at the DivByZero blog.

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