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Strategy Pattern ain’t meant for Spring!


Right, so lets say you’re writing a Spring MVC app and you decide, “I want to do seperate encapsulated algorithms that can be swapped to carry out a specific behaviour”. The classic response to this would be “you need the Strategy Pattern ma’ boy!”.  So, that’s what I did, consider the code below… Interface     public interface MealStrategy { ...

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21 signs of BAD MANAGERS I met in my career as a software manager


21 signs of BAD MANAGERS I met in my career as a software manager: Bias against action or against planning, simply waiting or postponing for ever; embrace the status-quo Secrecy, not willing to share information. giving the feeling that having access to information is a privilege reserved to managers Working very long hours to prove hard work or hide incompetence ...

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Thymeleaf template layouts in Spring MVC application with no extensions


After some years with JSP/JSTL and Apache Tiles I started discovering Thymeleaf for my Spring MVC applications. Thymeleaf is a really great view engine and it simplifies and speeds up the development despite that lack of good IntelliJ (vote here: support at the moment (there is an Eclipse plugin though). While learning how to use Thymeleaf I investigated different ...

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Analyze package dependencies with structure101


One key to a stable application is a well-structured codebase. We know that we should build as many black boxes as possible, because as soon as one black box is finished, we no longer have to think about its interior. You just use the code you or another team member has written through a well-defined interface. This gives you the possibility ...

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Native Java Packaging with NetBeans 7.4


One of the new features of NetBeans 7.4 that made the “NetBeans 74 NewAndNoteworthy” page is “Native Packaging,” which is described on that page as “JavaSE projects now support creation of native bundles taking use of the native packaging technology provided by JavaFX.” I will use a very simple example to demonstrate this native packaging functionality in NetBeans 7.4. The ...

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Grails Goodness: Namespace Support for Controllers


In a Grails application we can organize our controllers into packages, but if we use the same name for multiple controllers, placed in different packages, then Grails cannot resolve the correct controller name. Grails ignores the package name when finding a controller by name. But with namespace support since Grails 2.3 we can have controllers with the same name, but ...

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Android Volley dynamic ListView: AsyncTask comparison


In this post, I will describe first how to use Volley to populate dynamically a ListView, and then compare it against AsycnTask. In this post, we will invoke a remote service to get contact information in JSON format, and we populate the items inside a ListView.This simple example is very useful to understand Volley library and how we can integrate ...

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Revisiting Certifications


The job market is currently in a lull so I’ve been talking to a few new recruiters and gotten a better sense of what certifications mean today. Your mileage may vary, of course, since this will also depend on the actual position (e.g., junior vs. senior), local market expectations, etc. First, one recruiter/placement firm emphasizes that its candidates are certified. ...

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Six things I learned for software localization


This blog post is a personal compilation of six technology independent things I learned in the past months about software localization. A few weeks ago we finally went live with our application supporting 22 different languages. As a German development team working for a German customer we used German as our base language within the application. Our customer was responsible ...

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