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A budding software engineer in the enterprise integration space, and a simplistic guy who likes to learn, appreciate, help, share, and enjoy life

Set Up Your Free Serverless Webhook – in Minutes!

Note: This article is several months obsolete; after all, these days, who would want to deploy a serverless webhook from Google Cloud dashboard, when you can do the same with just a few clicks – on the world’s best serverless IDE?! Often you need to set up a HTTP/S endpoint (webhook) for accepting data posted from another application or service; ...

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JAR File Handles: Clean Up After Your Mess!

In Ultra ESB we use a special hot-swap classloader that allows us to reload Java classes on demand. This allows us to literally hot-swap our deployment units – load, unload, reload with updated classes, and phase-out gracefully – without restarting the JVM. Windows: supporting the forbidden land In Ultra ESB Legacy the loader was working fine on Windows, but on ...

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Is your JVM leaking file descriptors – like mine?

Foreword: The two issues described here, were discovered and fixed more than a year ago. This article only serves as historical proof, and a beginners’ guide on tackling file descriptor leaks in Java. In Ultra ESB we use an in-memory RAM disk file cache for fast and garbage-free payload handling. Some time back, we faced an issue on our shared ...

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Sigma IDE now supports Python serverless Lambda functions!

Think Serverless, go Pythonic – all in your browser! (Okay, this news is several weeks stale, but still…) If you are into this whole serverless “thing”, you might have noticed us, a notorious bunch at SLAppForge, blabbering about a “serverless IDE”. Yeah, we have been operating the Sigma IDE – the first of its kind – for quite some time ...

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AWS: Some Tips for Avoiding Those “Holy Bill” Moments


Cloud is awesome: almost-100% availability, near-zero maintenance, pay-as-you-go, and above all, infinitely scalable. But the last two can easily bite you back, turning that awesomeness into a billing nightmare. And occasionally you see stories like: Within a week we accumulated a bill close to $10K. And here I unveil a few tips that we learned from our not-so-smooth journey of ...

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A Few Additions to Your Bag of Maven-Fu

Apache Maven is simple, yet quite powerful; with a few tricks here and there, you can greatly simplify and optimize your dev experience. Working on multiple, non-colocated modules Say you have two utility modules foo and bar from one master project A, and another project B which pulls in foo and bar. While working on B, you realize that you ...

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