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JavaFX and Swing, Freelancer and Consultant specialized in creating User Interfaces. Has been working as a front end consultant and has been developing web, native and cross platform since 2006. Holder of a master degree in Computer Science, he's permanently studying and taking courses in User Interface Design and User Experience. Owner of the software company Pixel Duke.

JMetro Version 11.6.15 Released

Hello, This time a new release of JMetro. This new version features bug fixes, tweaks to visual styles, structural changes and changes to the way JMetro is distributed and published. Read on for more details. Version 11.6.15 details As mentioned in a previous blog post. Version 8.x.x of JMetro which was intended to be used with Java 8 is now ...

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New Java/JavaFX Library FXSkins Released

Hi, This time to announce a new Java / JavaFX library I’ve just released. It’s called FXSkins. FXSkins is a collection of new Skins for existing JavaFX controls. These Skins will add more functionality to the controls used in your applications with almost no need to make changes to your application’s code. This library is targeted for the most recent ...

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JMetro Version 8.6.14 And 11.6.14 Released

Another release of JMetro has just came out. This time the focus has been on fixing bugs and tweaking existing styles. A bunch of these have been fixed in this release. Besides this, a new feature has been added. It is now also possible to easily add grid lines on table like controls. Keep on reading for details. Adding gridlines ...

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Creating A CAD Application In Java (JavaFX)

A few days ago I finished a CAD application whose purpose is to calculate the energy efficiency of Dwellings (or multiple Dwellings). It can be seen as an application similar to Autocad (which is used in Civil Engineering, Architecture, etc) but with the specific purpose to do energy efficiency assessment. After about 1 year of development, me and my client ...

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JMetro Version 8.6.11 And 11.6.11 Released

Hi. Another release of JMetro. This time 2 new control have been restyled, bug fixes and other small tweaks. I hope you are all staying safe and well in this strange times. Keep on reading for details. New ColorPicker Style Following is an animation of the new ColorPicker style LIGHT and DARK: ColorPicker JMetro Light style ColorPicker JMetro Dark style ...

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JMetro Version 11.6.8 And 8.6.8 Released

Another release, this time a shorter update. Writing documentation and blog posts is a bit of a bummer, but I thought I had to update the documentation since it’s been about a year or more since it hasn’t been updated. So for this release I also focused on that. Here’s the link: Javafx Theme JMetro page. The documentation page has ...

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JMetro Version 11.6.5 And 8.6.5 Released

Hello again. Having styled all JavaFX controls in the SDK plus a few more that didn’t exist and some others from other libraries. Subsequent versions will be about tweaking JMetro existing styles or adding some others styles from other controls of third party libraries. That is the case with this release. Here’s what’s new: 3 new controls styles;tweaks to JMetro ...

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JMetro Version 11.6 And 8.6 Released

Back again with another JMetro release. This one marks a big milestone, with the style additions in this release, all JavaFX controls from the JavaFX library now have a JMetro style. Besides that, there is also a new JMetro style for ControlsFX StatusBar, style tweaks to existing styles, bug fixes, etc. Keep on reading for details. JMetro X.6 Release Details ...

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JMetro Version 11.5.11 And 8.5.11 Released

Hi there again. One more version with new JMetro styles (dark and light versions): Split Menu ButtonSplit PanePill Button / Segmented Button Tweaks to existing styles and bug fixes. Keep on reading for details. Split Menu Button Following is an animation showing the new Split Menu Button JMetro light and dark style: Pill Button / Segmented Button Segmented Button is ...

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