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Overcoming web test automation challenges with ease

Automation has become an integral part of any software development process. It has contributed to the digital transformation of many organizations worldwide. In this era where agile development is adopted widely to stay ahead in the competition, the demand for automation has become inevitable. Organizations are relying on their fast and sleek websites and mobile apps as their primary source ...

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Top 6 Benefits of Using Django For Web App Development

Web developers face quite a few challenges while building a website, from creating a scalable product to balancing features with simplicity, from managing panels to ensuring app security, and so on. Fortunately, frameworks alleviate much of the load by providing ready-made components. One such web application framework – Django, is free, open-source, and was essentially created with front-end developers in ...

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Push real-time data to Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are web applications that use the features of modern browsers to offer a native-app-like experience on every platform. They rest on three pillars: responsiveness, reliability, and installability. PWAs are responsive because they render well on a variety of devices and window sizes to ensure usability and user satisfaction. PWAs are reliable because they are usable regardless ...

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Top 5 Web App Development Trends to Expect in 2022

Organizations must understand the importance of adopting ongoing technologies and how they can help them grow exponentially.  To step ahead after facing challenging times during the pandemic, we’ve compiled a few key web app development trends, which you can expect in the upcoming years.  So, let’s take a look at some of them that your business should be aware of.  ...

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Creating High-Performance Web Applications with ActiveJ

In this article, we will create several web applications using a single full-stack ActiveJ framework. 1. Why using ActiveJ? Most of the Java frameworks have common drawbacks: Excessive layers of abstractions that hide the legacy staffTo much overhead, and thus lack of performance and flexibilityFramework specifications are elevated over business logic  ActiveJ’s main concept is to overcome these drawbacks. For ...

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WebDriverIO Tutorial For Handling Dropdown In Selenium

While performing automated browser testing, there’ll be plenty of times when you’d have to handle the dropdown menu. Often used in forms, dropdown works great when it comes to conserving space and preventing users from choosing the wrong option in a form. I’d have rarely come across a form without dropdown to select a field from multiple options. Thereby, it ...

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How To Stop Test Suite after N Test Failures in Pytest?

An exhaustive test-suite comprises of many test cases that test different features on various combinations of browsers, platforms, and devices Though it is recommended not to skip tests, there are cases where you may want to stop test suite after n test failures, (n is the failure threshold value) number of the test fails while performing Selenium test automation. The ...

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Flutter: A Boon for Javascript Developers with Better Web Apps UI

After Google officially launched flutter 1.0 in 2018, there is a hot-talk among mobile app developers — flutter. Major companies, including Sonos Inc., Capital One Financial Corp., eBay Inc., Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., and Tencent Holdings, are already building apps with Flutter, Google said. There are many questions raised among mobile developers, how it is possible to be cross-platform without ...

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Spring Boot: Building a RESTful Web Application


Introduction: REST stands for Representational State Transfer and is an architectural guideline for API design. We assume that you already have a background in building RESTful APIs. In this tutorial, we’ll design a simple Spring Boot RESTful web application, exposing a few REST endpoints. Project Setup: Let’s start by downloading the project template via Spring Initializr: We only need to ...

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