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Top 5 Web App Development Trends to Expect in 2022

Organizations must understand the importance of adopting ongoing technologies and how they can help them grow exponentially. 

To step ahead after facing challenging times during the pandemic, we’ve compiled a few key web app development trends, which you can expect in the upcoming years. 

So, let’s take a look at some of them that your business should be aware of. 

Here’re Top Web App Development Trends to Watch in 2022

1. (Progressive Web App) PWA

Progressive web app or PWA is best defined: 

A website with all the benefits of a mobile application is a faster, more reliable, and more engaging version of a website or eCommerce store. 

Basically, PWAs are websites similar to native mobile apps and can work offline, too. Simply put, it’s best known for delivering fantastic user experiences. The famous examples of PWA are Tinder, YouTube Music, Pinterest, and Trivago Hotel Booking. 

Like native apps, PWAs can do many things such as operate offline, access cameras, GPS, etc.

PWAs are also beneficial for desktop users since it includes so many benefits such as quickly updating in the background and there is no need to encourage users to update the apps on their own. In short, PWAs take no time to install. 

2. Single Page Application (SPA)

Single Page Application or SPA is an application that is an alternative technology to the traditional web pages, which consists of several layers of pages to display the content. This is going to be one of the web app development trends that we can expect in 2022. 

SPAs eradicate the need for heavy loading, where the server reloads the whole page whenever users request some part of the data. In other words, SPAs never reload the entire page, but only the requested data gets updated. 

SPAs are best known for reducing site abandonment rates and performance. This is because most of the resources SPA requires (HTML, CSS & JavaScript) are loaded at the launch of the application and do not need to be reloaded during usage. The data is the only thing that changes and is transmitted to and from the server. This way, it’s responsible for providing the shortest possible wait time. Also, it has become the primary reason developers choose single-page apps. The famous examples of SPAs are Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, and Airbnb. 

Following are the statistics that show that speed is essential for every size of business:

  • As per the statistic, a 1-second delay in loading a web page can decrease customer satisfaction by 16%. And, it also cuts 7% of the coveted conversion rate. 
  • As per Amazon, for every one-second delay, conversions dropped by 7%. If one sells $100k per day, the business can lose $2.5 million annually.
  • Furthermore, Walmart has found that it gains a 1% revenue increase for every 100ms of improvement. 

Thus, the standard page load time should not exceed 3 seconds. It affects the ranking directory, and users do not find the websites on the search engine. Sometimes, users leave it. SPAs help to achieve an impeccable experience for the users while browsing. 

3. Motion UI

The next popular web app development trend is motion UI, as it offers an enhanced user experience. Motion UI comes with the functions like loading spinners, attractive CTAs, CSS animations, and subtly moving elements.

It provides a great way to grab users’ attention where you want your audience to see. This web development technology helps website users to get relevant and specific information by pointing out the appropriate location. 

UI motion supports real-time interaction as it creates the same emotional benefits when people interact with a physical object in real life. In short, the interaction makes users satisfied. Some common motion UI motions are – micro-interactions, showing the progress state, key navigation, and data visualization.

The resources like Motion UI library offer a range of design elements, allowing developers to animate design elements that work with any JavaScript framework. Therefore, developers opt for animating their web content with JavaScript or jQuery, and GIF animations and motion UI apps will surely go further. 

4. Voice Search

Voice search technology is another emerging web app development trend. This technology has been a leap forward in the last few years since people have changed their way of searching online. Following are a few statistics that show that voice shopping is going to be a huge trend in the upcoming years:

  • In the United States, 13% of all households owned a smart speaker in 2017. However, it is predicted that this number will rise to 55% by 2022, according to PR Newswire

The reason behind its popularity is the ease of use. Since people do not have to learn their native language to communicate. Thus, elders and children can easily interact with voice devices without any training. 

It’s safe to say that voice search will remain a growing trend in the upcoming years for providing ease and accessibility.

5. Cybersecurity

Cyber attacks are becoming normal these days. Despite tough security algorithms, even big companies like Facebook and Microsoft have become victims of such cyberattacks. Security breaches can ruin brand reputations if organizations take the security of their websites or applications lightly.

So, all you need to make sure that you must hire reputed third-party service providers with in-built security measures. This way, by adopting this web app development trend, you can prevent your business from a significant loss. 

Wrapping Up

We hope that you find this article useful in learning about upcoming web development trends. If you’ve any questions about choosing the best-fitted solution for your organization or any of your projects, share your concerns in the comment section.

Hardik Shah

Hardik Shah works as a Tech Consultant at Simform, a leading custom software development company. He leads large scale mobility programs that cover platforms, solutions, governance, standardization, and best practices. Connect with him to discuss the best practices of software methodologies @hsshah_.
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