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The value of deliberate logging

Your logs tell a story – or at least they should be. It is safe to assume that all software applications have some type of logging. With logging in this context I mean messages generated in response to events occurring in an application from its deployment until its undeployment. These messages are usually transported to a different system for consumption. ...

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The case of the dreaded interface

The Java/C# interface has a lot to answer for. Recently someone told me that, “You can tell a design is coupled if it doesn’t use interfaces” after a few follow-up questions I realised that they were not talking about coding to well-defined contracts in general but the Java or C# interfaces in particular. My next question was, “Should you have ...

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A case for Outside-In Development

There is no reason to have a backend when there is no front-end. There is no reason to have an API when there is no one to consume it. There is no reason to have a class when there is no other class (or framework) to use it. There is no reason to have a method when there is no ...

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