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Mash is a software craftsman with extensive experience in developing innovative solutions and running large scale enterprise projects. For many years he was a Principal Consultant leading some of the most diverse projects for clients in Government, Media and Finance. Before Codurance Mash was a Director at UBS leading a 4 million pounds a year project with 6 development teams situated in London and Krakow. He started the project from scratch, building the teams a developer at a time.Mash is an associated organiser for LSCC, involved since the beginning helping with organisation and running hands-on sessions. Mash has a passion for developing; teams that are skillful and passionate, solutions that are innovative and simple, and software that is aligned to it's business and flexible to change.

Am I delivering value?

There comes a time in everyone’s career when the question, “Am I delivering value?” becomes persistent in one’s mind. I have asked this of myself many times and I’m sure most others have. Within in the context of Software Delivery the question is prevalent. My feeling is that we should ask this question regularly and take responsibility to answer with ...

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The case of the dreaded interface

The Java/C# interface has a lot to answer for. Recently someone told me that, “You can tell a design is coupled if it doesn’t use interfaces” after a few follow-up questions I realised that they were not talking about coding to well-defined contracts in general but the Java or C# interfaces in particular. My next question was, “Should you have ...

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Thinking in Abstractions

Recent issues of the Clojure Gazette have been discussing abstractions, and it’s got me thinking. I am wary of needless abstractions and have seen many codebases, some of them I contributed to, that are essentially a mindless mess of half-backed abstractions. Here’s what I’m thinking … Abstractions have a half-life Abstractions have a half-life, that is to say, there will ...

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AWS Lambda with API Gateway


In a previous post I showed you how to create and deploy an AWS Lambda. We will continue that work and look at updating just the code for that lambda. We will also add a REST endpoint to the AWS Lambda using AWS API Gateway. So before you continue … if you haven’t already, please follow the instruction in the ...

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AWS Lambda for Beginners

AWS Lambda is a compute service from Amazon. It makes deployment and provisioning very simple and fits very well with microservices based architecture. You can find out more about AWS Lambda here. Currently supported platforms are JVM, Node JS and Python. The programming model for the lambdas consists of Handler, Context Object, Logging and Exceptions. These are described here. Lambda ...

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