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Tasos is a Greek geek, who likes to write, read, think and talk about software.

A tale of two migrations

Within an enterprise, there are services (systems really) which are widely popular, offer just what you need and are easy to use. There are also systems, which for years the organization tries to decommission but they have so many applications depending on them, so many strings attached, it seems impossible. Often, it’s the same system, at different points in time. ...

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Automation pipelines as a security enabler

Let’s consider automation pipelines from a security perspective. Pipelines can be a security enabler. Secure code in a developer’s machine, can result as insecure code running in production. Especially when there is manual intervention in the process. Automation pipelines can mitigate that risk. We must ensure that code can be promoted to production only via the pipeline and in doing ...

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Devs will just dev! The Cloud Foundry promise

 “Every company is a technology company” said Peter Sondergaard and evidence of this is all around us. But it was not so easy becoming a technology company, the entry barriers were high. Besides developing their business propositions, companies had to develop, maintain and operate the platform on top of which their businesses (i.e. applications) run. Until Cloud options and “X ...

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The value of deliberate logging

Your logs tell a story – or at least they should be. It is safe to assume that all software applications have some type of logging. With logging in this context I mean messages generated in response to events occurring in an application from its deployment until its undeployment. These messages are usually transported to a different system for consumption. ...

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How to deal with exceptions

I recently had a discussion with a friend, who is a relatively junior but very smart software developer. She asked me about exception handling. The questions were pointing to a tips and tricks kind of path and there is definitely a list of them. But I am a believer on context and motivation behind the way we write software so ...

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In encryption we trust! A tutorial

Many people view encryption as a complicated subject, something difficult to understand. And certain aspects of its implementation can be, but everyone can understand how it works on a higher level. This is what I want to do with this article. Explain in simple terms how it works and then play around with some code. Yes, in encryption we trust. ...

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