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The Best Ruby Gems

Ruby web development is recognized for its simplicity and efficiency. It is also called “launch technology”. However, prototyping web applications will become even faster if you use Ruby Gems in your work. Like libraries, they allow developers to add new functionality without writing code. Moreover, the possibilities of Ruby Gems are enormous. And then you will be convinced of this. ...

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Veil Objects to Replace DTOs

Here is a new idea I discovered just a few days ago while working with Codexia, a Ruby web app. I had to fetch data rows from PostgreSQL and return objects to the client. It’s always been a problem for me, how to do that without turning objects into DTOs. Here is the solution I found and gave a name: ...

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Ruby 2.1 Released

Ruby 2.1 is officially released. According to Ruby 2.1.0 Released, Delivering new GC Ruby 2.1 release has brought changes in garbage collector that will improve performance. The “Mark & Sweep” implementation of previous versions is now replaced by the RGenGC (Restricted Generational Garbage Collection) implementation. As Ruby developer Koichi Sasada had observed in April 2013, the challenge was to implement ...

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Web Services in Ruby, Python and Java

Today I’ve had to prepare some examples to show that web services are interoperable. So I’ve created a simple web service in Java using Metro and launched it on Tomcat. Then tried to consume them using Python and Ruby. Here’s how it all finished… Web service in Java I’ve started with a simple web service in Java: package com.wordpress.jdevel.ws; import ...

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