The Best Ruby Gems

Ruby web development is recognized for its simplicity and efficiency. It is also called “launch technology”. However, prototyping web applications will become even faster if you use Ruby Gems in your work.

Like libraries, they allow developers to add new functionality without writing code. Moreover, the possibilities of Ruby Gems are enormous. And then you will be convinced of this. We have collected 6 of the most popular, convenient, and effective Ruby Gems that take web development to a whole new level.

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Devise-adding authentication gets easier

You can implement login authentication by writing code. However, it will take a long time. This Ruby Gem makes the task as easy as possible by offering developers 20 modules. Among those:

  • Trackable;
  • Recoverable;
  • Validatable;
  • Database Authenticatable;
  • Confirmable;
  • Lockable;
  • Timeoutable;
  • Rememberable;
  • Registrable;
  • Omniauthable.

The latter allows you to implement authorization via Google+ and Facebook.

PRY–seamless library integration

This Ruby Gem resembles a meta plugin. Designed for debugging errors when integrating libraries. For example, when the return of gems occurs due to incorrect integration. PRY debugs such errors by eliminating the binding problem itself. Some possibilities:

  • launching editors, as well as git;
  • syntax highlighting;
  • They provide a reliable command system.

RSpec-easy writing unit tests

RSpec is most commonly used when working in TDD / BDD environments. Gem has a distinct synthase. Thanks to this, it facilitates the easy writing of tests that are as close as possible to ordinary human language. Rails models are effective in situations where you need to test the behavior of a specific library / model. They are extremely easy to use. The gem can be started by installing configuration files as well as specification helpers.

Dot-env – hide confidential data

RubyGem allows you to save authentication, API keys, and email account login details. This is done by creating an .env file. All that is required is to make a file before submitting the information for upload to the git repository. This will hide your sensitive data. They will be saved as environment variables.

Important! The .env file cannot be stored in public repositories.

RuboCop–quick code analysis

This gem does its job so well that it has become one of the most popular among developers. Why analyze code? This step is to ensure that the application you wrote complies with the guidelines in the Ruby Style Guide. Accordingly, excellent design quality is guaranteed.

If problems are found in the style, the corresponding information appears on the command line. Therefore, it becomes impossible to break the first one. RuboCop also provides auto-correction of simple errors found in spaces, custom line breaks and syntax.

Elasticsearch – quick search

Some projects contain little information. Others (such as those related to rarbg) assume huge amounts of data and files. In view of this, the discovery of the specific information sought becomes problematic.

Elasticsearch will eliminate the complexity. It is a search engine that is widely used by businesses. The Elasticsearch engine integrates into Rails programs through a gem. Adds a wide range of functions, including full-text search.


Ruby development without gems is not easy. The above additions save time and speed up the entire application design process. In addition, they provide a lot of cool features. And all this without writing any code. Only quality, only efficiency.

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