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Kevin White is a talented writer and editor. In addition, Kevin is a freelance guest writer and avid blogger who helps B2B companies reach their audiences more effectively. When he's not writing, he can be found in the gym, on a snowboard, or at other sporting events. Kevin is a caring husband and the father of two lovely girls. He is responsible and attentive in everything he does and always focused on the result.

The Best Ruby Gems

Ruby web development is recognized for its simplicity and efficiency. It is also called “launch technology”. However, prototyping web applications will become even faster if you use Ruby Gems in your work. Like libraries, they allow developers to add new functionality without writing code. Moreover, the possibilities of Ruby Gems are enormous. And then you will be convinced of this. ...

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How To Find Good Java Developers For an Enterprise Project

Java is usually the first choice when it comes to enterprise projects. It is rightfully so, considering its stability and security.  Yet, finding a good Java developer is not an easy task. Despite Java being among the first languages that developers learn, there are not as many enthusiastic people who stick to Java.  After reading this article, you will learn ...

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