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Get More Out of Splunk: Enrich Your Logs With 10x More Data

Access net new machine data, beyond log files, to enrich your Splunk instance and get real insight into application health You’ve definitely heard of Splunk, you might even be using it at your company. It’s a powerful data aggregator that helps to simplify machine data for dev and ops teams, allowing them to capture, index and correlate real-time data in ...

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[FREE EBOOK] Lessons from analyzing over 600,000 Java projects

What does it take to build an informed error handling workflow? Investigating and resolving application errors in production is critical for maintaining performance and reliability. But, that shouldn’t mean spending endless hours doing it. To understand why troubleshooting in production can be such a headache, we set out to discover the “truth” behind our frequently unexceptional exceptions. After analyzing more ...

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The value of deliberate logging

Your logs tell a story – or at least they should be. It is safe to assume that all software applications have some type of logging. With logging in this context I mean messages generated in response to events occurring in an application from its deployment until its undeployment. These messages are usually transported to a different system for consumption. ...

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6 Log Management Tools You NEED to Know (And How to Use Them)


Without the right tools to aggregate and parse your log data, finding and understanding the information you’re looking for is nearly impossible There are endless uses for logs because the logs themselves are endless. Application logs, security logs, BI logs, Lincoln logs (Ok, maybe not)… Setting aside security, BI and childhood fun for a moment, even looking specifically at uses ...

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[FREE EBOOK] The Complete Guide to Java Logging in Production

How the World’s Leading Companies Choose How and What to Log (Based on analysis of GitHub’s top 400,000 repositories) It’s no secret that log files are noisy and difficult to navigate. With seemingly endless data coming in from our applications, the uses for such data must also be endless. Or so we thought. The abundance of log aggregation and analyzer ...

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Custom Logs in Apache Spark

Have you ever felt the frustration of Spark job that runs for hours and it fails due to infra issue. You know about this failure very late and waste couple of hours on it and it hurts more when Spark UI logs are also not available for postmortem. You are not alone! In this post i will go over how ...

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Free eBook: The Complete Guide to Java Logging in Production

The Complete GitHub Logging Research: How the World’s Top Companies Choose How and What to Log We all use log files to monitor our applications in production. Some of us prefer using log management tools like Splunk or ELK, while others sift through raw logs on their notepad or terminal. It doesn’t matter if you choose the former or the ...

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5 Shocking Stats That Prove Logs Are Inadequate

We’re all guilty of logging malpractice. Don’t think so? These statistics might change your mind We won’t sit here and ask you questions with obvious answers like, do you use log files to monitor your application in production? We all use logs, and there can be useful information stored there if you know how to find it. But, logs are ...

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How to fix Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/slf4j/LoggerFactory in Java

This error means your code or any external library you are using in your application is using the SLF4J library, an open source logging library, but it is not able to find the required JAR file e.g. slf4j-api-1.7.2.jar hence it’s throwing Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/slf4j/LoggerFactory. If you look at the error, you will see that it’s saying it is not ...

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