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Mohpreet is Java developer and trainer. He is passionate in learning new technologies, having a detailed exposure on the related technology and publishing the related content.

Log Aggregation using ELK Stack


1. Introduction With the use of microservices, it has become easy to create stable distributed applications and get rid of many legacy problems. But the use of microservices has introduced a few challenges also and Distributed log management is one of them. As microservices are isolated hence they don’t share database and log files, so it becomes challenging to search, ...

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Reactive Web Applications Using SpringWebFlux


1. Introduction to Reactive Programming Reactive programming is a term coined for the applications that has the following characteristics: Non-blocking applications Event-driven and asynchronous Require a small number of threads to scale vertically (i.e. within the JVM) Just like object-oriented programming, functional programming, or procedural programming, reactive programming is just another programming paradigm. It makes our program: Responsive, Resilient, Elastic. ...

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MongoDB and Web applications

Today’s era is when data grows at very huge scale. Data storage is not a problem, yes but the way it gets structured and stored may increase or decrease the seek time for needed data blocks. Use Cases of ever increasing unstructured data           Facebook: 750 million users are active , 1 in 3 Internet users ...

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