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How to handle Stop Words in Hibernate Search 5.5.2 / Apache Lucene 5.4.x?


The Stop Words like [“a”, “an”, “and”, “are”, “as”, “at”, “be”, “but”, “by”, “for”, “if”, “in”, “into”, “is”, “it”, “no”, “not”, “of”, “on”, “or”, “such”, “that”, “the”, “their”, “then”, “there”, “these”, “they”, “this”, “to”, “was”, “will”, “with”] and the existence of them in terms or database or files that are to be indexed/searched by lucene can lead to any of ...

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Kotlin + Android First Impressions


I am a huge Android fanboy, and have been one ever since the Nexus One came out. The Android OS has evolved so much and into so many variations. Almost a year ago, one of the Android developers I follow on Twitter was pushing for Kotlin to be the main language for Android. What was more interesting was it was ...

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JUnit 5 – Extension Model


We already know quite a lot about the next version of Java’s most ubiquitous testing framework. Let’s now look at the JUnit 5 extension model, which will allow libraries and frameworks to add implement their own additions to JUnit. Overview Setup Basics Architecture Extension Model Conditions Injection … Most of what you will read here and more can be found ...

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Which software companies you should not work for?


I get several questions from people in local meetups or conferences about issues they are facing in the company they work. I usually give talks about development practices and there are always some fellow developers who agree on what I’m telling them but they find it very difficult to apply the ideas in their working environment. I had the same ...

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Spring Async and Java’s 8 CompletableFuture


It is known that I am not the biggest fan of Spring, but at the time being I work for an organization that maintains too many projects utilizing Spring (in different forms and versions). I still remain skeptic towards Spring, of course there are some very nice ideas, there are some nice (too many) abstractions, there are some very handy ‘shortcuts’ ...

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First steps to Spring Boot Cassandra


If you want to start using Cassandra NoSQL database with Spring Boot, the best resource is likely the Cassandra samples available here and the Spring data Cassandra documentation. Here I will take a little more roundabout way, by actually installing Cassandra locally and running a basic test against it and I aim to develop this sample into a more comprehensive example with the next ...

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Cassandra Native Secondary Index Deep Dive


The native secondary index is the less known and most misused feature of Cassandra. In this article we’ll explain thoroughly the technical implementation of native secondary index to highlight best use-cases and the worst anti-patterns. A General architecture Let’s say that we have the following users table: CREATE TABLE users( user_id bigint, firstname text, lastname text, ... country text, ... PRIMARY ...

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Spring Oauth2 with JWT Sample


Sometimes ago, we published one article sharing a custom approach to implement stateless session in cloud environment. Today, let explore another popular use case of setting up Oauth2 authentication for a Spring Boot application. In this example, we will JSON Web Token (JWT) as the format of the Oauth2 token. This sample was developed partly based on the official sample of ...

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DCHQ + EMC REX-Ray Delivering Container Database Services On Multiple Clouds And Virtualization Platforms


DCHQ On-Premise v4.0 is now available in preview mode supporting Container Database Services (CDS), Microsoft Azure Resource Manager, Alibaba Aliyun, OVH Public Cloud, application log streaming, and other great features. The CDS offering integrates with EMC REX-Ray to provide scalable and highly available databases on containers supporting multi-host clustering, backup, replication, and automatic database recovery.           ...

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JLBH Examples 3 – The Affects of Throughput on Latency


In this post: A discussion about the effects of thoughput on latency How use JLBH to measure TCP loopback Adding probes to test both halves of the TCP round trip Watching the effect of increasing throughput on latency Understanding that you have to drop throughput to achieve good latencies at high percentiles. In the post we saw the effects of accounting ...

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