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Spring Webflux – Kotlin DSL – a walkthrough of the implementation

In a previous blog post I had described how Spring Webflux, the reactive programming support in Spring Web Framework, uses a Kotlin based DSL to enable users to describe routes in a very intuitive way. Here I wanted to explore a little of the underlying implementation. A sample DSL describing a set of endpoints looks like this: package sample.routes import org.springframework.context.annotation.Bean ...

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What is JavaServer Faces (JSF) – (Part 2)

Facelets Declaration Language In part 1 I introduced the basic idea behind JavaServer Pages (JSF). In this article, I would like to introduce the Facelets declaration language. HTML tags The first tags we meet are the HTML tags that represent HTML elements. These are really just syntactic sugar over HTML tags such as input, radio button etc. but provide some ...

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GC Explained: Heap

Generational Garbage Collectors JVM heap is divided into two different Generations. One is called Young and the second one is the Old (sometimes referred to as Tenured). The Young Generation is further separated into two main logical sections: Eden and Survivor spaces. There are also Virtual spaces for both Young and the Old Generations which are used by Garbage Collectors ...

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Configuring Logback with Spring Boot


Logback is provided out of the box with Spring Boot when you use one of the Spring Boot starter dependencies as they include spring-boot-starter-logging providing logging without any configuration and can be altered to work differently if required. There are two ways of providing your own configuration, if you only need simpler alterations they can be added to a properties ...

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Deep Dive to Hystrix Resiliency Maintenance

In my previous Microservice Tutorial , I have shown How We can use Hystrix as a circuit Breaker and how to give our service a breathing room to recover itself. In this tutorial, we will take a deep dive into Hystrix architecture and we will eventually get to know How it manages resiliency in a complex system. Let assume there ...

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Loading files with backpressure – RxJava FAQ

Processing file as a stream turns out to be tremendously effective and convenient. Many people seem to forget that since Java 8 (3+ years!) we can very easily turn any file into a stream of lines: String filePath = "foobar.txt"; try (BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(filePath))) { reader.lines() .filter(line -> !line.startsWith("#")) .map(String::toLowerCase) .flatMap(line -> Stream.of(line.split(" "))) .forEach(System.out::println); } reader.lines() returns ...

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What is JavaServer Faces (JSF)


This is a two-part series in which I look at JSF 2 and how it fits into the Java EE ecosystem. In part 1 I introduce the basic idea behind JavaServer Pages (JSF) and in part 2 I will introduce the Facelets declaration language. When building a web application we provide the end user with a way to interact with ...

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