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The beautiful simplicity of Apache Ranger plugin

If you are here, you already know what Apache Ranger is. It is the most popular, if not the only, way to manage security in the Hadoop framework. It has integrations with Active Directory, Kerberos and various others for authentication but I believe the most interesting feature is its authorization support. Being part of the Hadoop ecosystem, one would not be surprised ...

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7 Useful Debugging and Troubleshooting Tips for Beginners

In this post, we feature a comprehensive article on Useful Debugging and Troubleshooting Tips for Beginners. There are three constants in life – death, taxes, and debugging codes. Plenty of programmers leave a mess of bugs when writing codes for new sling codes and features. But who cleans up the bugs? It is a separate thing to write good code ...

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Product Roles, Part 8: Summary: Collaborate at All Levels for the Product

Too many teams have overloaded Product Owners. The teams and PO have trouble connecting the organization’s strategy to what the teams deliver. The teams, PO, management, all think they need big planning. Too often, the POs don’t do small-enough replanning. They’re not living the principles of the agile manifesto. That insufficient collaboration means the PO doesn’t always connect the strategy ...

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Jakarta EE: A Clean Slate


The announcement that Jakarta EE cannot use the javax.* namespace is great news and provides Jakarta EE with a clean slate on which to build and innovate the future of Enterprise Java. The original proposal It had been envisioned that the javax.* and jakarta.* namespaces would coexist after Java EE 8 and, as it evolved, the jakarta.* namespace would be used for new features ...

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Restart Android Activity with ActivityScenario

I was writing an instrumentation test which required restarting the activity during a test. As I was trying out the ActivityScenarioRule to replace an ActivityTestRule, the documentation says I can use this method on the ActivityScenario to restart the activity after it has been launched: 1 scenario.recreate() So I wrote this function to for restarting the activity: 1 2 3 ...

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Creating Custom Maven Archetype

Maven archetypes are the project templates which can help us quickly create a maven starter project based on its type. It’s a great tool to bootstrap a maven project with least effort. There are wide options of archetypes available to us. Some of the popular archetypes include – maven-archetype-quickstart, maven-archetype-webapp, maven-archetype-archetype. To create a maven project with a specific archetype, ...

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