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Clean Code from the Trenches – Writing Executable Specifications with JUnit 5, Mockito, and AssertJ

Executable Specifications are tests that can also serve as design specifications. They enable technical and business teams to get on the same page by enabling the use of a common language (in DDD-world this is also known as Ubiquitous Language). They function as documentations for the future maintainers of the code. In this article we will see an opinionated way of ...

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Terraform With Multiple Environments

The setup The topic I have chosen is because of this post that I discovered recently: Recommended Practices. Hashicorp is recommending the use of workspaces to control different environments. Which is a change of recommendation from what I remember from February/March 2019. The first way – Single account with workspaces Back at the beginning of 2019, I started using Terraform ...

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ReactJS Form Validation Example

In this post, we will take a look at a ReactJS Form Validation Example. Specifically, we will see how we can process forms or rather how we can validate forms in a ReactJS application. Processing Form data is a critical part of most applications regardless of technology. Here we take a look at how we can implement the same in ...

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Java/Cloud: How to Quickly Create a Kubernetes-ready REST Microservice

It is safe to say that the Microservice + Cloud combination is all the rage these days. Microservices are being developed more than ever, in turn resulting in an increase in the number of application deployments. During the past decade, containerization and orchestration tools such as Docker and Kubernetes were developed, making the microservice pattern really easy to adopt. This ...

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Be Careful When Modifying Data While Using a Java Iterator

As this semester begins to wrap up, I figured I’d share a little story of how I got very, very familiar with Java iterators. Real World Context For context, I teach a second-year software components course which serves as the last hurdle for students trying to get into the major. Naturally, this course is very stressful for students, and I ...

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Tomcat JDBC Pool – Connection Leak – Catch the Culprit

Database connection leaks are something that can stay hidden unless paid specific attention and would come to the surface at the most critical stages at a peak time of the system. We would manually check if all the open connections have been closed properly. Then we have various code quality plugins that would scan and check for that. Still when ...

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Apache Derby Database JVM Security Policy


Abstract I have already posted a number of blogs about Derby: Derby Database BackupMultiple Derby Network Servers on the same HostApache Derby Database Users and PermissionsIntegration Testing with Maven and an In-Memory Derby Database This wasn’t intended to be a series. But over the years I’ve been using Derby more and more. I started using Derby as my database of ...

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Spring Boot Remove Embedded Tomcat Server, Enable Jetty Server


A quick guide to exclude embedded tomcat server in spring boot application and adding Jetty Server Instead. Configuration to remove tomcat and add Jetty Server. 1. Introduction In this tutorial, We’ll learn how to remove the Tomcat server from the Spring Boot application. Actually, Spring boot by default comes up with the embedded server once we add “spring-boot-starter-web” dependency. But, ...

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Java 8 Stream Intermediate Operations (Methods) Examples

A Complete guide to Java 8 Streams intermediate operations. List of all built-in Stream API Intermediate operations(methods) with examples. 1. Overview In this tutorial, We’ll learn about What are Intermediate Operations in Java 8 Stream. All these operations are in package In the last tutorial, We’ve discussed Java 8 Stream API and Lambda Expressions. Rules: Java 8 Stream intermediate ...

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