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Sed: Using environment variables

I’ve been playing around with the BBC football data set that I wrote about a couple of months ago and I wanted to write some code that would take the import script and replace all instances of remote URIs with a file system path. For example the import file contains several lines similar to this: LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM ...

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Impulse: “Adventures On The Road to Valhalla”

With all this talk about Java 9 and Project Jigsaw we should not loose sight of another big change coming to Java. Hopefully in version 10 or 11 Project Valhalla will come to fruition and introduce value types and specialization. So what is this about, how far along is the project and what challenges does it face? A couple of ...

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Flag Parameters and Overloading in Python, Java, and Kotlin

Jumping around between multiple languages can help you notice some differences between idioms and best practices in different languages. One of the more interesting differences has to do with one function doing multiple things. Python We’ll look at Python first. Python is actually incapable of overloading, since defining a new function/method with the same name would just overwrite the previous ...

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A Software Engineer As a High-Level Government Adviser

Two months ago I took the job of adviser to the cabinet of the deputy prime minister of my country (the Republic of Bulgaria, an EU member). And I’d like to share my perspective of a technical person, as well as some of my day-to-day activities which might be of interest. How does a software engineer get to such a ...

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Creating a Cross-platform Docker Development Environment

How many times have you read this statement: “The great thing about Docker is that your developers run the exact same container as what runs in production.” Docker is all the hype these days, and with statements like that, many are wondering how they can get on board and take advantage of whatever it is that makes Docker so popular. ...

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Agrona’s Threadsafe Offheap Buffers

This blog post continues my ongoing series on the Agrona library by explaining how we offer easy access to offheap memory for threadsafe operations. I should probably caveat before we move on that this is a fairly advanced topic and I don’t attempt to explain concepts such as memory barriers – merely outline the features of the API. The deficiencies ...

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Why you should always use connection pooling with Oracle XE


Introduction Oracle Express Edition is the free version of Oracle Enterprise Edition and its smaller size makes it very convenient for testing various Oracle functionalities. According to Oracle documentation, the Express Edition can use at most one CPU and 1 GB of RAM, but in reality there are other limitations that are not always obvious. Database connection handling anomaly The ...

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Common SQL Clauses and Their Equivalents in Java 8 Streams

Functional programming allows for quasi-declarative programming in a general purpose language. By using powerful fluent APIs like Java 8’s Stream API, or jOOλ’s sequential Stream extension Seq or more sophisticated libraries like javaslang or functionaljava, we can express data transformation algorithms in an extremely concise way. Compare Mario Fusco’s imperative and functional version of the same algorithm: Imperative vs. Functional ...

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How to create a Web Application Project with Java, Maven, Jetty

In this article, we create a simple web application with the Maven Archetype plugin. We’ll run this web application in a Servlet container named Jetty, add some dependencies, write simple Servlets, and generate a WAR file. At the end of this article, you will also be able to deploy the service in Tomcat. System requirements Java SE Development Kit 8 ...

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