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Kubernetes pod as a Bastion Host

In Cloud Native apps private networks, databases and services are a reality. An infrastructure can be fully private and only a limited number of entry points can be available. Obviously the more restricted the better. Still there are cases where there has not been any infrastructure setup for the private services and ways to link towards them. however if there ...

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Receive Pub/Sub messages to your Spring Application


Pub/Sub is a messaging solution provided by GCP Before we dive into the actual configuration we need to be aware that Spring Cloud for GCP is now managed by the Google Cloud Team. Therefore the latest code can be found here. Our application will receive messages from Pub/Sub and expose them using an endpoint.Let’s go for the imports first <?xml ...

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Replacing Docker Desktop with hyperkit + minikube

MacOS is a Unix but it isn’t a Linux so, unfortunately, if/when we need to use linux-y things like docker we need to install a VM just like in the Windows world. That’s of course also true for docker. Like most people I’ve been using Docker Desktop for a lot of years to get my fix for container. It works ...

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Session Management in Node.js

Hello. This tutorial will explain session management in the node.js application. 1. Introduction Session management is an important part of any application that helps the application track the users and their activities. To understand this we will be using a cookie which is key-value pair stored in the browser. The browser then attaches the cookies to every HTTP request sent ...

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Whizlabs Online Certifications: Lifetime Membership

Get Lifetime Access to Affordable World-Class Certification Training Courses & Gain New, Essential Industry Skills Hey fellow geeks, This week, on our JCG Deals store, we have another extreme offer. We are offering a massive 94% off on Whizlabs Online Certifications: Lifetime Membership. Get it now with only $239,99, instead of the original price of $4499. When you’re on the ...

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Local Authentication Using Passport in Node.js

Hello. This tutorial will explain authentication in the Node.js applications through the passport module. 1. Introduction Passport.js is an authentication middleware designed for Nodejs. passport-local uses the passport strategy for authenticating with a username and password. The module helps to authenticate using a username and password in the nodejs applications. If you are interested in reading further about this module ...

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What’s after the cloud?

At present, the software world is dominated by work on “Big Data” and “AI” that takes place in “The Cloud”. Looking back at the era of mainframes in the 1950’s, it must have been exceptionally difficult to see microcomputers, cell phones and the Internet coming, or that mainframes would be obsoleted and left behind, only existing to run legacy software. ...

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KivaKit applications


The kivakit-application module contains building blocks for creating applications and servers. In the diagram below, we can see that the Application class extends BaseComponent. Server, in turn, extends Application. BaseComponent inherits Repeater functionality from BaseRepeater, and handy default methods from the Component interface. ComponentMixin (shown in the next diagram) also inherits these methods from Component. Application provides command-line parsing (see ...

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CSS Grid vs. Bootstrap: All You Need To Know

A critical component for every business website is a high-quality user interface. A well-designed interface gives the users an intuitive and efficient experience, which positively affects their perception of the brand. There are multiple tools or layout grids that help define website layout and placement of UI elements. Layouts can also play an important role in designs that are viewed ...

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