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Top Automation Practices to Avoid During Testing

The quality of software solutions delivered to consumers determines the success of every software development company. The hard work of the QA team, which frequently tests and updates the software product to keep it up to date, is one of the most significant factors in ensuring the product’s quality. Automation testing best practices and appropriate test automation technologies can help ...

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Did You Know the Fastest Way of Serializing a Java Field is not Serializing it at All?

This article elaborates on different ways of serializing Java objects and benchmarks performance for the variants. Read this article and become aware of different ways to improve Java serialization performance. In a previous article about open-source Chronicle Queue, there was some benchmarking and method profiling indicating that the speed of serialization had a significant impact on execution performance. After all, ...

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Mock GRPC Services for Unit Testing

On our day to day work we develop applications that include interactions with software components through I/O. Can be a database, a broker or some form of blob storage. Take for example the Cloud Components you interact with: Azure Storage Queue, SQS, Pub/Sub. The communication with those components usually happens with an SDK. From the start testing will kick in, ...

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Faster Builds vs Stable Builds

We have a very comprehensive set of tests on our Java server application. There’s a mix of quick unit tests and slower integration style tests which test some of the behaviour of the plain HTML pages by executing requests using HtmlUnit to simulate the browser, with a fake back end. Other tests use Docker to simulate services like MySQL or ...

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The 2022 Complete Power Coder Bootcamp Bundle

Building Your Own Apps are Just 8 Courses Away! Start Your Coding Journey with 70 Hours of Content on SwiftUI, JavaScript, HTML, & More Hey fellow geeks, This week, on our JCG Deals store, we have another extreme offer. We are offering a massive 97% off on The 2022 Complete Power Coder Bootcamp Bundle. Get it now with only $34,99 ...

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Data representation for AI

I had written in the previous few blogs why a digital representation of data or a numerical representation of data does not fit the bill for AI. The problem with any of these is that they reduce the continuous, multi-dimensional data that naturally have relations, down to a multiple, disparate, unrelated discrete scalar values which has lost a lot of ...

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Requirements on data representation for AI

The best saying that applies to all AI and data analysis programs is “Garbage in, garbage out”! We all agree that we have terabytes and terabytes of data which is going towards petabytes of data. Yet, the amount of useful knowledge that we can derive and use from it is a pittance compared to the amount of data present. We ...

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What is Selenium 4? The latest in Selenium Automation Testing for browsers

Introduction Every business needs an effective software testing strategy to develop high-performing quality products in less time. Software automation testing has become feasible with the help of Agile and DevOps technologies. The introduction of reusable test suites and robust automation frameworks make the testing process quicker. We all know that Selenium is a widely used tool for cross-browser web automation ...

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How the Java Language Could Better Support Composition and Delegation

This article outlines a way of improving the Java language to better support composition and delegation. Engage in the discussion and contribute to evolving the Java Language. The Java language lacks explicit semantic support for composition and delegation. This makes delegating classes hard to write, error-prone, hard to read and maintain. For example, delegating a JDBC ResultSet interface entails writing ...

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