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Getting on Board With Blockchain Development

Blockchain has become a new buzzword in Silicon Valley due to its function as a distributed ledger that powers cryptocurrencies and bitcoins. Already, blockchain is making an impact on the programming industry. Financial and technology companies invested $1.4 billion in blockchain technologies in 2016, including a $200 million investment from IBM in a blockchain-powered Internet of Things. The average blockchain ...

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Spring Cloud Stream with Kafka


Overview This sample project demonstrates how to build real-time streaming applications using event-driven architecture, Spring Boot,Spring Cloud Stream, Apache Kafka and Lombok. By the end of this tutorial you’ll have a simple Spring Boot based Greetings micro-service running that takes a message from a REST api writes it to a Kafka topic reads it from the topic outputs it to the console Let’s get started! Btw, you’ll ...

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Using JWT For Sessions


The topic has been discussed many times, on hacker news, reddit, blogs. And the consensus is – DON’T USE JWT (for user sessions). And I largely agree with the criticism of typical arguments for the JWT, the typical “but I can make it work…” explanations and the flaws of the JWT standard.. I won’t repeat everything here, so please go ...

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Java 10 – JEP 286: Local-Variable Type Inference

Java 10 is around the corner with RC Build available here. The features targetted for this release can be found here. Of all the JEPs targetted for Java 10, the interesting and most talked about by the developer community is the 286: Local-Variable Type Inference. What is Local Variable Type Inference? We saw in Java 8, the Diamond operator which ...

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Secure Your Mobile App with OIDC and Ionic for JHipster

“I love writing authentication and authorization code.” ~ No Java Developer Ever. Tired of building the same login screens over and over? Try the Okta API for hosted authentication, authorization, and multi-factor auth. We’ve been building a ton of new projects with Ionic and JHipster here at Okta, and today I’m excited to show you how to secure those projects ...

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Building Microservices – Download FREE ebook

Microservices is a fast-evolving topic. Although the concept is not new, experiences from people all over the world, along with the emergence of new technologies, are having a profound effect on how they’re used. This book is full of concrete examples of microservices in action at organizations like Netflix, Amazon, Gilt, and the REA group, who have all found that ...

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FREE Programming Courses Giveaway from Java Code Geeks and StackCommerce (total value of $2,892)!

Java Code Geeks and StackCommerce are giving away 3 FREE Programming Courses!!! You can check the 3 Programming Courses below! In order to be the winner simply enter our competition: Complete Java Programming Bootcamp: 10 Courses (83.5 Hours) to Become a Java Master: Design UIs with JavaFX, Utilize Design Patterns, Master Multithreading & More             ...

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