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Feature toggle in Spring Boot 2


Whether you like it or not, software development is a collaborative activity. Integration work has always been demonized and treated as necessary evil. There are several approaches which try to solve the challenge of effective integration. The feature toggle belongs to that group. In this article, you’ll see in practice how feature toggles, also known as feature flags, can be ...

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For Programmers: How to Deal with Distractions and Interruptions

project management

Hello dear daydreamers, turning caffeine into codeine! I hope you have not come here from some disruptive notification or a referral from a teammate, interrupting you to “check this awesome article he found”. In the next few paragraphs I will gift you with a short and concise information about what interrupters are doing to us, developers, and what it costs ...

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JSF 2.0 Tutorial for Beginners

1. What is JSF? JSF is an acronym for Java Server Faces. It is a server side processing technology which allows to embed server side code into a web page. This makes the overall coding for the project simpler as the server side processing and rendering code can be embedded into the webpage itself; reducing the overall count as well ...

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Getters and Setters Considered Harmful

Java programmers habitually pepper their classes with “getters” and “setters,” and this practice is so ingrained that probably few ever question why they do so, or whether they should. Lately I have come think that it is better not to and I have begun avoiding it in the Java code that I write. In this blog post I will explain ...

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If You’re Planning to Write Java Code in 2020 – Here Are the Top 5 Predictions You Can’t Afford to Miss

There’s no better time to start planning for 2020 and make sure your application is ready for the upcoming changes and trends. Welcome to the world of tomorrow! Although 2020 seems far away, it’ll be here before we know. Even though we’re more than a year away, analysts and research companies are releasing reports and projections of 2020 trends in the ...

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Spring Data JPA Example with Spring Boot


1. Introduction In this post, we shall demonstrate how to leverage the powerful Spring Data JPA APIs to interact with the database, in-memory H2 database for this lesson. Spring Data JPA offers a set of very powerful and highly-abstracted interfaces which are used to interact with any underlying database. Databases can be MySQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch or any other supported database. ...

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Finding Project Management Balance for Small Engineering Teams

Managing a small engineering team — whether it’s one team within a larger engineering organization, such as Facebook, Google, or AirBnb, or whether it’s the entire engineering team — can be a tough gig. Why? Because you’re tasked with coordinating a group of skilled professionals around a common vision: the delivery of a complex piece of software. And it doesn’t ...

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Product Owner or Backlog Administrator?

In the official guides all Product Owners are equal. One size fits all. In the world I live in some Product Owners are more equal than others and one size does not fit all. The key variable here is the amount of Authority a Product Owner has. In my last post I said that Authority is one of the four things ...

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