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Fluent Design Style Slider For Java, JavaFX

JMetro’s Java, JavaFX theme version has just been bumped up to version 4.2.  This version brings a new style to the Slider control. Besides this, you can also now see a popup showing you the current value of the Slider. New Slider style Following is the old JMetro Slider style: For this theme I had to create a new skin. ...

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Fluent Design Style Toggle Switch For Java, JavaFX

Hi, this time I’m going to talk about the new Toggle Switch style in the new version of JMetro. Toggle Switch is a control that has become very popular in recent years. I added a JavaFX implementation some time ago to the ControlsFX library. This new style is available in JMetro version 4.1 that has just been released. What’s a ...

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JavaFX on JDK 11

There was a mixture of feelings about the decoupling of JavaFX from JDK after its 11th release. Many of us felt that now this is the time to say goodbye to JavaFX and switch to another GUI technology, While some others were happy about this circumstance. They believed that decoupling JavaFX from the hands of the Oracle and pursuing its development ...

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JMetro “Metro” Tab, TreeView And ContextMenu For Java (JavaFX)

I’ve just released a new update for JMetro, bumping the version up to 3.3.0. In this update you’ll find: New TreeView Fluent Design System (‘Metro’) inspired style; New Tabs and TabPane FDS inspired style; New Context Menu dark FDS inspired style and retouch of light style. JMetro version 3.3.0 details TreeView JMetro style The following animations show the new TreeView ...

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JavaFX Tip 31: Masking / Clipping / Alpha Channel

Selection Strip I recently had to implement a custom control that lets the user select a single item out of a list of items. This “SelectionStrip” control had to lay out the items horizontally and in case of too many items allow the user to scroll horizontally left and right. The control was to be used in a space-constrained area, ...

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“Metro” Table For Java (JavaFX)

Hi again, this time the TableView “Metro” style gets added to the JMetro JavaFX theme. This amps up the JMetro version to 3.1.0. The reason why I didn’t add the Table style before is because strangely there isn’t yet a definition for the Table in the Fluent Design System (previously Metro). There is a preview control, called DataGrid but is ...

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