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JMetro Version 5.2 Released

Hello again

A new update to JMetro has just been released. Two new control styles were added: Titled Pane and Accordion. In addition there have also been tweaks to existing styles and bug fixes. Finally JMetro is now also available through Maven Central.

In this post I’ll go into more detail about the just release JMetro version 5.2.

JMetro version 5.2 details

New Accordion and Titled Pane styles

Accordion and Titled Pane dark and light styles were added. These are not part of Fluent Design and so are original to JMetro. These styles were made to work in harmony with the rest of JMetro Fluent Design inspired styles.

I’m just going to show the Accordion styles, as the Accordion control is composed of Titled Panes (though there still needs to be specific tweaks for the Accordion).

JMetro Version 5.2
JMetro Version 5.2

Other improvements

Here’s a list of other additions and improvements:

  • Tweaked Text Inputs dark theme (Text Field, Password Field and Text Area)

The following pictures show the previous and new Text Field styles. The new styles for Password Field and Text Area are similar.

JMetro Version 5.2
JMetro Version 5.2
  • New Tooltip dark style and tweaked light style

The Tooltip light and dark style were the same in the previous version:

JMetro Version 5.2

In the new version a new dark style was created and the light style was tweaked:

JMetro Version 5.2
JMetro Version 5.2

Here is a list of other tweaks and fixes:

  • Radio Button color wasn’t correct when mouse is hover
  • Disabled menu item background color wasn’t correct when mouse is hover/pressed/focused
  • New Titled Pane light and dark style
  • Wrong border on Button hover for light theme
  • Text input dark theme disabled style looks too similar to normal style
  • Gradle wrapper wasn’t being pushed to the repo

Wrapping Up

JMetro continuous to evolve in an interactive fashion. Sometimes some styles that were already created are later tweaked and improved in a newer version. That’s also the case for version 5.2.

In this version new styles were added for 2 new controls Titled Pane and Accordion, other controls styles were tweaked and some bugs were fixed. As of version 5.2, JMetro is now also available through Maven Central.

For this version I’d like to thank Pavel Erokhin (MairwunNx) for creating detailed issues in the issue tracker and with suggested fixes. I’d also like to thank Andres Almiray (@aalmiray) for the changes to the Gradle script that make uploading to Maven Central possible. This is what open source is all about.

I believe that for free open source software (FOSS) to thrive users need to contribute back in some way by ideally either submitting PRs, sponsoring the project, creating your own FOSS, or contributing back to the jdk or javafx project, or whatever way there is a meaningful added value to the community.

Remember, there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. In the end we all win.

Here’s what I have planned next:

  • Tree Table styles
  • Dialog styles
  • Accent color constants

Take care. ✌

Published on Java Code Geeks with permission by Pedro Duque Vieira, partner at our JCG program. See the original article here: JMetro Version 5.2 Released

Opinions expressed by Java Code Geeks contributors are their own.

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JavaFX and Swing, Freelancer and Consultant specialized in creating User Interfaces. Has been working as a front end consultant and has been developing web, native and cross platform since 2006. Holder of a master degree in Computer Science, he's permanently studying and taking courses in User Interface Design and User Experience. Owner of the software company Pixel Duke.
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JMetro Version 5.2 Released thank for information…

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Thank for sharing with us this updated version.

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