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JMetro Version 4.8 Released

Hello again! Version 4.8 of JMetro Java, JavaFX theme has just been released. We’re getting close to version 5.0 which will be the next major release.

Here’s the old styles that have been completely revamped:

  • Date Picker
  • Tree View

And the old ones that were tweaked or had changes to CSS structure:

  • Table View
  • List View
  • Combo Box
  • Rating Control

Version 4.8 details

Here’s the list of changes. From the smaller ones to the bigger ones:

  • Cleaned up Rating control CSS. Rating control’s colors are now based on the globally defined accent color;
  • Tweaked Combo Box colors for light and dark theme;
  • Tweaked Table View light and dark style and reorganized CSS code;
  • Tweaked Tree View light and dark style and reorganized CSS code;
  • Tweaked List View style:

JMetro Version 4.8

  • New Date Picker light and dark style:

As I mentioned before JMetro is inspired by Fluent Design and it’s not a copy of Fluent Design Style (FD). The Date Picker style is one more example of this.

When I did my first version of the Date Picker there wasn’t a FD version back then (at that time Microsoft’s style was called Metro). Nowadays there is a Date Picker in Microsoft’s design language, so JMetro Date Picker is highly inspired by it with an amount of changes. There are particular features in JavaFX Date Picker that don’t exist in the FD version and there was no value in making the JavaFX version behave exactly like the FD one. So I needed to adapt to fit the JavaFX version features.

In other cases, on other controls, I’ve also made changes to the FD style because I didn’t like some things about it.

All in all, keep in mind that JMetro is not a copy of Fluent Design, because I don’t think that makes sense, for the reasons I mentioned.

Without further ado, here’s the new Date Pickers styles. Light and dark versions:

JMetro Version 4.8
New Date Picker JMetro JavaFX light theme

JMetro Version 4.8
New Date Picker JMetro JavaFX dark theme

Wrapping Up

Version 4.8 brings a few tweaks to already existing styles and two new remade styles for the Date Picker and the List View.

I haven’t yet updated the JavaFX theme JMetro documentation page, but I plan to do it.

We’re getting very close to version 5, which will mean one more finished iteration of all the previously existing styles and also some new non-existing styles. All inspired by Microsoft’s most recent Fluent Design changes.

Here’s what’s planned in the near future:

  • Finish tweaking all remaining controls;
  • Maybe make tweaks / changes to previously already finished styles (if I find things that need improving);
  • Add the ability to change accent color and maybe other details by simply and easily overriding CSS variable values;
  • Make JMetro also available through Maven Central.

From time to time I may post quick updates in my twitter account that I don’t post here (so as to make announcements without all the amount of time a blog post takes to do). So if you don’t want to miss them, follow me there.

Published on Java Code Geeks with permission by Pedro Duque Vieira, partner at our JCG program. See the original article here: JMetro Version 4.8 Released

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Pedro Duque Vieira

JavaFX and Swing, Freelancer and Consultant specialized in creating User Interfaces. Has been working as a front end consultant and has been developing web, native and cross platform since 2006. Holder of a master degree in Computer Science, he's permanently studying and taking courses in User Interface Design and User Experience. Owner of the software company Pixel Duke.
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Stefan Reich
5 years ago


1. Link is broken:

2. Does JMetro only apply for JavaFX (not Swing)?

I am using Swing because it works and has stood the test of time. If I should want to switch to JavaFX, I have to change ALL MY CODE, don’t I? This is not the way to go… my vision is to reduce programming effort to zero (using AI), not require MORE programming effort.

That said, I am always looking for new Java PLAFs to try out. Currently using JTattoo which is fast and very nice looking.


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