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JMetro Version 11.5.11 And 8.5.11 Released

Hi there again.

One more version with new JMetro styles (dark and light versions):

  • Split Menu Button
  • Split Pane
  • Pill Button / Segmented Button

Tweaks to existing styles and bug fixes.

Keep on reading for details.

Split Menu Button

Following is an animation showing the new Split Menu Button JMetro light and dark style:

Pill Button / Segmented Button

Segmented Button is a control from ControlsFX, however this is more of a convenience control as the style is already available in Modena (JavaFX default theme). That style is defined in Modena as Pill Buttons.

Following are the images of ThemeTester running and showing Pill Buttons with Modena and JMetro Light and Dark theme (click the images to see them bigger, in full screen).

The toolbar at the top also has Pill Buttons for selecting between the Modena and JMetro theme.

ThemeTester – Showing Pill Buttons with JMetro Dark theme

Other Updates And Fixes

Other new styles added to JMetro:

  • Split Pane JMetro dark and light theme

Tweaks made to existing styles:

  • ScrollPane: Fix style for corner of ScrollPane
  • TabPane – style “more” button


  • DatePicker – Style is incorrect after latest changes
  • TreeView – Warning for hover color
  • ThemeTester – ThemeTester needs to have the “background” style class added to one of its BorderPanes
  • Wrong skin set for text input of Combobox in JMetro 11
Published on .Java Code Geeks with permission by Pedro Duque Vieira, partner at our JCG program. See the original article here: JMetro Version 11.5.11 And 8.5.11 Released

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Pedro Duque Vieira

JavaFX and Swing, Freelancer and Consultant specialized in creating User Interfaces. Has been working as a front end consultant and has been developing web, native and cross platform since 2006. Holder of a master degree in Computer Science, he's permanently studying and taking courses in User Interface Design and User Experience. Owner of the software company Pixel Duke.
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