This is Why You Should Consider React for Your Business

There’s no doubt that React has played a significant role in software development projects. It has become the most popular web framework among developers worldwide since 2021. According to Statista, 40.14% of respondents reported using React.js, while 34.43% used jQuery. It’s been over a few years since React took top place as one of the best JavaScript libraries in the marketplace.

And there are some valid reasons behind this popularity. In this article, we’ll walk through an overview of React, and tell you why businesses should consider this framework for businesses. 

What is React and why is it used?

It’s an open-source JavaScript library used to build user interfaces, particularly for SPAs (single-page applications). Fundamentally, it is used for handling the view layer for both web and mobile apps. 

Using this technology, React developers can develop reusable UI components. React is scalable, fast, and straightforward. It corresponds to a view in the MVC template. It acts as a combination of JavaScript libraries or frameworks. Here are a few effective use cases of React:

  • The creation of dynamic web apps is more straightforward.
  • It ensures faster rendering of virtual DOM.
  • It provides a stable code.
  • It has SEO-friendly features.
  • A complete helpful tool for developers.

And not just for developers, React drives multiple benefits for businesses as well. Let’s explore some of the benefits. 

6 Reasons Why You Should Consider React for Business

Reason #1: Simple to Read & Easy to Use

React is simply much easier to learn than any frontend framework such as Angular or Vue. It’s among the main reasons why React is gaining popularity among other frameworks.

As per the Stack Overflow’s 2020 Developer Survey, out of 57,378 responses, 68.9% of respondents expressed interest to continue working with React.js. React actually covers the top position in the “most wanted category with 22.4% of developers who have never worked with it.” Also, they expressed interest in picking it up. 

With its characteristics such as being simple to read and easy to use, React allows businesses to build what they need as quickly as possible. React’s ease of use helped many developers to adopt the technology.

After ASP.NET Core, React.js is loved by 68.9% of respondents, according to the Stack Overflow survey report.

Reason #2: Less Development time & higher quality

One of the best JavaScript frameworks, React has been allowing developers to write clean and modular codes since its emergence. It enables them to break the projects into individual components and developers to reuse the code. As a result, there are shorter development times and improved quality of apps. 

Reason #3: Designed for Easy Maintenance

The best part about React code is that it is easier to maintain since it embraces reusable components. It is actually a part of the UI that can be used in various parts of an application in order to build more than one UI instance. This way, React has characteristics to let developers use code elements multiple times in an app and even across diverse projects. Customized buttons or stylized dropdown menus are examples of small components that can later become part of more enormous conglomerates, which are known as ‘wrapper components’. 

You need to know that such a feature becomes crucial when the project progresses. To put it simply, React has a flexible and straightforward approach that makes the process of software development easier and most effective in the short and long term. 

Reason #4:  SEO Friendly

One of the most useful features of React: it possesses the benefits of SEO. Using this technology, businesses can considerably reduce page load times, and start ranking higher in search engines. It possesses the ability of server-side rendering is better for SEO, and it speeds up the page load. 

Since React uses similar code for both the client and server-side of an application, any website using React can immediately have an advantage in terms of speed. Therefore, React is suitable for both users and crawlers. 

Reason #5: Robust, Dynamic & Interactive

The best thing about choosing this technology is this library does everything. It is used for building user interfaces. This JavaScript library deals with the views and allows developers to choose the rest of front-end architecture. Also, it gives developers more freedom than other frameworks.

Additionally, with this technology, developers can build interactive and dynamic apps without compromising the robustness of their infrastructure in any way. This is best suited for web, Android, iOS, and IoT platforms. 

Reason #6: Shallow Learning Curve

As you already know, React is a simple and lightweight library, which only deals with the ‘view layer. Developers can easily understand the basics and start developing web applications after only a few learning sessions or reading tutorials. 

As per the React guidance, ‘thinking in React’ may be a little different than what developers are used to. This is due to the fact that it comes with a new approach and will become easier and natural as developers gain more experience with it. 

The bottom line is that React is one of the easiest libraries to learn, making web development easier to implement and iterate. 

Wrapping Up

Since React encompasses a lot of powerful features such as security, flexibility, and scalability, businesses have been involved more in this technology. The entire community has been working together to improve this technology since its emergence. That’s why it is more popular because it is more accessible, more universal, and simple to use. 

It’s also safe to say that React is among the best JS frontend frameworks because it can be implemented in almost every project, which requires a frontend with complexity. It can also be used to quickly release an MVP and grow the product later. 

The bottom line is: React.js is useful for enterprises because it quickly implements new features.

Hardik Shah

Hardik Shah works as a Tech Consultant at Simform, a leading custom software development company. He leads large scale mobility programs that cover platforms, solutions, governance, standardization, and best practices. Connect with him to discuss the best practices of software methodologies @hsshah_.
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Bill Shiphr
Bill Shiphr
1 year ago

Oh, I’ve read about this tool when I was looking for information about website optimization. Well, it turned out that I needed to migrate angularjs to angular in order for my website to function better, but I learned something new, and I think I might work with react developers in the future as well.

1 year ago

Oh, I’ve read about this tool when I was looking for information about website optimization. Well, it turned out that I needed to migrate angularjs to angular in order for my website to function better, but I learned something new, and I think I might work with react developers in the future as well.

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