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This Is Why Ivacy VPN Won The Fastest VPN Award 2019

Most VPN services try to reel you in with overblown superlatives like “fastest in the world!” and “The most secure ever!” If you dig into claims like that, they usually turn out to be either stretched truths or outright falsehoods — especially since every other VPN is making the same claim. After a while, the entire VPN industry seems to blend together into one amorphous blob.

That’s why Ivacy VPN has a different philosophy. Instead of throwing out spurious claims, they set their sights on a far simpler — but more honest and difficult — goal: 100% value. They’re a customer-focused company, which means that every time they make a design decision with their product, the ultimate goal isn’t some internal benchmark or technological feat. It’s your satisfaction. Customer-focused businesses are increasingly rare in the age of digital marketing, where everyone’s chasing numbers instead of human beings, and Ivacy’s approach feels pretty refreshing. It’s nice to be put first every once in a while, and actually feel like a person, when you’re dealing with a digital company.

But this isn’t just about their marketing, and goes way beyond warm fuzzy feelings. The philosophy of doing what’s right, rather than what fits in a slogan or is trendy on social media, and that means a lot of their best features are sort of complicated and hard to explain. This dedication to quality why they became pioneers in “Split Tunneling Technology,” which allows your computer to switch between using the VPN and going for pure-internet access at the same time, tightening up your speed and reducing the load on VPN servers. It’s also why Ivacy has one of the top agency certified UI/UX designs: They know it doesn’t matter how good their service is if you, the customer, can’t figure out how to use it.

Ivacy is also a proud and active member in the Cyber Security Awareness Campaign, working to make the internet a more informed, safer place for all of us. Bingers will appreciate the fact that they’re one of the few VPN services that offer absolutely buffer-free Netflix Streaming. And they have dedicated apps for every major platform and browser out there, with an average stability rating of 99.6% crash-free. In short, they’re the most economical, fastest, and the oldest industry player with over a decade of efficient and fairly-priced VPN experience under their collective belt.

Right now this ultra-flexible Ivacy Subscription is on offer for just $2.25 per month, plus you’ll receive a free subscription to Sticky Password Premium, plus an additional 10% off if you use the code “Fastest2019”. Why “Fastest 2019”? Because in 2019, Ivacy won the Fastest VPN award at the awards held in Vegas, and they’ve consistently occupied the top spot on various publication’s “Fastest VPN” lists for years.

Impressed? Just wait, because we haven’t gotten to the best part yet. Here are eight reasons Ivacy is worth a download:

1.  Access blocked content globally

Ivacy VPN is dedicated to giving you the best VPN you can possibly hope for while traveling. Nobody likes waking up after a long flight, schlepping to your hotel, and opening up your laptop only to discover that the show you’ve been binging is region-blocked. Unfortunately, it’s one of the main side effects of traveling, and there’s nothing you can do about it… right?

Wrong. One of Ivacy’s main priorities is making sure that their service is beneficial to travelers, which is exactly why they have over a thousand servers, in more than a hundred locations, so they can offer incredibly fast downloading, streaming, and website access no matter where you are. Plus, Ivacy works with a browser extension, making its use quick, easy and intuitive.

2. Download with total security

Ivacy was designed with an intentional focus on secure downloading. Most of us know the feeling of suddenly realizing our computer has been infected with malware, and the helplessness that results. A ton of users told Ivacy about their concerns regarding malware and viruses, and they listened.

That’s why Ivacy has a toggleable “Secure Download” feature that can be flipped on with a single click. It utilizes P2P optimized servers for steel-reinforced-concrete security (metaphorically speaking), all without compromising download speed.

3. Stream anything, anywhere

Seventy percent of all internet users go out of their way to stream their favorite content, but Ivacy knows that they often can’t access the shows they need because of their location on the globe or other petty inconveniences. That’s why Ivacy made sure their VPN allows users to access whatever they want by enabling restricted content like Netflix US, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, ABC, and more. There are 80+ channels available directly from the Ivacy app, which even has an easy-to-use and effective browser extension for maximum efficiency. If you’re a heavy-streamer, you’re not going to find a VPN more customized to your specific needs than this one.

4. Simplify your torrenting needs

Ivacy was also designed with heavy torrenters in mind. The developers know that torrenting involves long, slow downloads and connections to seeds all over the world, and that’s exactly why it requires a fast, safe, and reliable internet connection. Without that, you expose your computer to vulnerabilities like Malware, viruses, or just lots and lots of wasted time.

But Ivacy uses P2P-Optimized servers for fast and safe torrenting. Its servers are even optimized, which not only provides them with the fastest speeds possible, but also means their digital presence is completely anonymous. With these specifications, Ivacy is able to offer a Secure Downloading feature, a “no logs” policy, DNS leak protection, WebRTC leak protection, IPv6 leak protection, an internet kill-switch and the aforementioned “Split-Tunneling” feature.

6. Get complete internet freedom

With hacking, spying, and high-profile political controversies, there’s a lot of justified concern over the security, privacy, and freedom of the modern internet. People don’t know if they’re being tracked, or if they are, how the data about their internet surfing might be used.

That’s why Ivacy made it a priority for their VPN to allow downloading, streaming, and full access to websites blocked in the country of the user. They do this with over a thousand servers, in over a hundred locations, around the world, and by including an Ivacy browser extension that makes employing their VPN as simple and intuitive as possible.

7. Stay safe from hackers

With hacking, spying, and high-profile political controversies, there’s a lot of justified concern over the security, privacy, and freedom of the modern internet. People don’t know if they’re being tracked, or if they are, how the data about their internet surfing might be used, so there’s a lot of concern about digital footprints and unencrypted web usage.

That’s why Ivacy made sure its users can surf the web with complete security by building their service on top of military-grade encryptions of up to 256-bit, and guaranteeing that a user will remain anonymous and never reveal their identity by accident (if you do it intentionally, well, there’s nothing we can do to help you).

8. Use dedicated Kodi apps

Kodi is the biggest open-source streaming player out there, designed by the non-profit XBMC corporation, and is hugely popular thanks to its customizability and the fact that it can be connected to Amazon Prime, Crackle, Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify, Youtube and more. Not everyone uses Kodi, but the people who use it don’t settle for anything less.

And that’s exactly why Ivacy provides dedicated Kodi apps that allow users to access this specific streaming platform wherever they want. Ivacy also provides education content that specifically instructs people on the existence of Kodi and may even help you discover some new uses for the program that you weren’t aware of before!

Don’t forget Ivacy Subscriptions are currently on offer for just $2.25 per month, plus a free subscription to Sticky Password Premium, plus an additional 10% off if you use the code “Fastest2019”. Don’t miss out on this special offer. Buy it here.

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