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Octopus Scanner: Java Build Tools and Malware

Alvaro Munoz recently posted “The Octopus Scanner Malware: Attacking the open source supply chain” on the GitHub Security Lab site. I found this post to be interesting for a number of reasons, including its detailed coverage of how the Octopus Scanner malware works and how it was discovered, how the GitHub Security Incident Report Team (SIRT) went about addressing it, ...

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Automation pipelines as a security enabler

Let’s consider automation pipelines from a security perspective. Pipelines can be a security enabler. Secure code in a developer’s machine, can result as insecure code running in production. Especially when there is manual intervention in the process. Automation pipelines can mitigate that risk. We must ensure that code can be promoted to production only via the pipeline and in doing ...

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Microservices for Java Developers: Security Testing and Scanning

1. Introduction This part of the tutorial, which is dedicated to the security testing, is going to wrap up the discussions around testing strategies proven to be invaluable in the world of software development (microservices included). Although the security aspects in the software projects become more and more important every single day, it is astonishing to consider how many companies ...

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This Is Why Ivacy VPN Won The Fastest VPN Award 2019

Most VPN services try to reel you in with overblown superlatives like “fastest in the world!” and “The most secure ever!” If you dig into claims like that, they usually turn out to be either stretched truths or outright falsehoods — especially since every other VPN is making the same claim. After a while, the entire VPN industry seems to ...

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Do You Really Know CORS?

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource. Origin http://www.sesamestreet.com  is therefore not allowed access. If you work with a frontend sometimes, the chances are that you’ve seen the error above before. When it had happened to you for the first time, like any proper developer does, you googled that. As a result, you have probably ...

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Testing OpenLiberty with Arquillian (Remote)

Having heard many great reviews, I thought I’ll give Open Liberty a try. In this post, I shall discuss the following: Setup of Open Liberty Setup JDBC connection Setup Arquillian Testing REST endpoint Installing Open Liberty At the time of writing, I am using Open Liberty, and I am using Java SE 1.8.0_172 (P.S. Keen to move on to ...

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Java EE 8 Security API: Overview


The New Security API Probably, the single most significant new feature added to Java EE 8 is the new security API. The primary motivations for this new API were to simplify, standardize and modernize the way security concerns are handled across containers and implementations. And they have done a great job. The configuration of web authentication has been modernized thanks to three ...

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Spring Security with Maven Tutorial


1. Introduction In this post, we shall demonstrate how to use Maven dependencies for Spring Security for very specific use-cases. The latest versions of all the libraries we use can be found on the Maven Central. Understanding how Maven dependencies work and are managed is important in a project for an effective build cycle and clear concepts about what versions ...

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