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OS X Sprout of the Ergonomic Eclipse Theme Clean Sheet

Early enough to pass as an easter gift the latest update of our ergonomic Eclipse theme Clean Sheet comes in with some great enhancements. While OS X support is leading the way there are also Windows-specific improvements in the form of FlatScrollBar overlays for text editors. This post gives a short overview of the most important innovations of the feature’s new version (0.3).

The Clean Sheet Eclipse Design

In case you’ve missed out on the topic and you are wondering what I’m talking about, here is a screenshot of my real world setup using the Clean Sheet theme (click on the image to enlarge).

For more information please refer to the features landing page at, read the introductory Clean Sheet feature description blog post, and check out the New & Noteworthy page.

Ergonomic Eclipse Theme for OS X

Probably the most remarkable supplement that comes with the latest version is the Mac OS X support of Clean Sheet. Approached upon the subject on various occasions it appeared worthwhile to provide an ergonomic Eclipse theme version that adopts the look and feel concept as well as the Source Code Pro font incorporation from its Windows relative.


FlatScrollBar Overlay for StyledText

Styling capabilities have been enhanced to allow adoption of StyledText widgets by the FlatScrollBar overlay mechanism on Windows 10. With this in place, SourceViewer based UI parts like code editors or console content now fit nicely in the overall look and feel of the Clean Sheet theme.


Font and Color Scheme Adjustments of the Debug Console

The debug console now dovetails with the general Clean Sheet color scheme with respect to the background and text colors. Additionally, the console’s font family has been changed to Source Code Pro for a more consistent reading experience.


Clean Sheet Installation

Drag the ‘Install’ link below to your running Eclipse instance



After feature installation and workbench restart select the ‘Clean Sheet’ theme: Preferences: General > Appearance > Theme: Clean Sheet

On a Final Note, …

Of course, it’s interesting to hear suggestions or find out about potential issues that need to be resolved. In particular, as the StyledText widget is a pretty complex component by itself there still might be some uncovered spots with the newly added scrollbar overlay mechanism. Feel free to use the Xiliary Issue Tracker or the comment section below for reporting.

With this in mind, I’d like to thank all the Clean Sheet adopters for the support and wish everybody a happy easter egg hunt!

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