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Top 30 Eclipse Keyboard Shortcuts for Java Programmers

This tutorial is about 30 Eclipse keyboard shortcuts, this list is by no means complete and I will suggest you guys share eclipse shortcuts listed other than here to make this more useful. Eclipse is the most used Java development IDE and knowing Eclipse shortcuts not only improve your productivity but also makes you more efficient. You will have more ...

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5 Features Eclipse Should Copy From IntelliJ IDEA

Eclipse Photon has been released a few days ago, and I decided to do yet another comparison with IntelliJ IDEA. Last time I explained why I still prefer Eclipse, but because my current project had problems with Java 9 in Eclipse initially, I’ve been using IntelliJ IDEA in the past half a year. (Still using Eclipse for everything else; partly ...

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The Relationship Between Jakarta EE, EE4J and Java EE

The Jakarta EE name has been out for more than a month, and even if Mike Milinkovich explained the names and concepts pretty well in his blog post And the Name Is…, there still is a bit confusion about how it all relates and I get questions around it whenever the topic comes up. I have tried to sum up some ...

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Eclipse IDE Tutorial

1. A little about Eclipse Eclipse has been around for years now as an extremely popular IDE for multiple programming languages. With its excellent plugin based architecture, Eclipse is quite a good tool to ease the development tasks. To be the most utilized IDE in today’s world, it takes a lot of efforts and tools. Eclipse is a combination of ...

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Running Eclipse MicroProfile on Microsoft Azure


In this post, I am following up on the post series about Running Eclipse MicroProfile applications in Oracle Cloud by showing how to do it in Microsoft Azure Web Apps for Containers. I am using the same simple application called CloudEE Duke as in the previous posts. The only difference is that I now package the applications as Docker Images. ...

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Git version control with Eclipse (EGit) Tutorial

1. What is EGit ? GIT is a popular versioning system used widely across the software development sector. Despite being a popular versioning system, it isn’t really easy to work with when it comes to using the command line interface for versioning. To solve this difficulty, the developers came up with creative GUI based tools called the GIT clients. GIT ...

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Maven, Eclipse and Java 9

Anyone that uses the M2E(maven-to-eclipse) plugin in eclipse knows the issue where you have run a build, then update maven on your project only to have it reset the JRE and throw up a wall of project errors! I noticed the issue in the post I made on running Java EE 8 with Java 9 using Open Liberty The solution ...

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Decoding the Eclipse IP Policy: Third Party Dependencies

The term Intellectual Property (IP) refers to any sort of creative work, be it literature, art, or software. In the realm of open source software, artifacts like source code, documentation, and images are considered intellectual property. Unless otherwise stated, intellectual property is the property of its creator, who may grant permission for others to use that intellectual property by providing ...

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