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Top 10 JavaCodeGeeks posts for 2013

2013 is coming to an end. What a year! Loyal to our tradition, we are compiling the top Java Code Geeks for the year that just passed.

As with the Top 10 JavaCodeGeeks posts for 2010, the Top 10 JavaCodeGeeks posts for 2011 and the Top 10 JavaCodeGeeks posts for 2012, we have created a compilation with the most popular posts for this year for your eyes only.

The ranking of the posts was based on the absolute number of page views per post, not necessarily unique. It includes only articles published in 2013.

So, let’s see in ascending order the top posts for 2013.

10) Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing – Cloud computing pros and cons
My article on cloud computing which includes an analysis of both the advantages and disadvantages of adopting cloud computing in a team’s or company’s infrastructure. It remains strong and has great potential for the future.

9) Spring MVC + Hibernate + Maven: CRUD operations example
A great example of the Spring/Hibernate combo, orchestrated by Apache Maven. It explains how to perform the integration of these technologies and how to implement the necessary CRUD operations.

8) 10 Productivity tips for software developers
My article on productivity, oriented mainly towards software developers. It explains the mindset on how to structure your time and schedule and includes numerous tips on how to be more productive.

7) Online Learning websites that you should check out
A great list of sites that offer online courses to the public. Stay tuned on JCG because our very own academy is coming soon (spoiler!).

6) Android ListView – Tutorial and basic example
For the Android fans out there, an excellent example of how to use ListView component and how to build a great UI for your application.

5) Spring MVC – Easy REST-Based JSON Services with @ResponseBody
Spring is an all time favorite of JCG and this tutorial explains how to use the MVC capabilities of Spring combined with JSON in order to provide RESTful Web Services.

4) Java Thread Pool Example using Executors and ThreadPoolExecutor
Concurrency. It can be a great PITA. However, Java provides great tools that mitigate the pain and this article explains how to use the ThreadPoolExecutor in order create thread pools.

3) Core Java Interview Questions
For those that are getting ready for an interview for a Java dev position, this list of Core Java questions will give you a great head start.

2) 40 Java Collections Interview Questions and Answers
In conjunction with the previous entry, this article focuses on the Collections framework which is an integral part of the Java SDK.

1) The Reality of Developer’s Life
What can I say about this post? An awesome collection of hilarious videos that depict certain aspects of a developer’s day to day life. It provided laughs to hundred of thousands of developers and I believe it is the greatest way to close this year. DO NOT MISS IT!

I hope you enjoyed this folks. Our top posts for 2013. I hope you have found our articles during the past year both helpful and enjoyable and that you will continue to provide your support and give us your love in the year to come. Stay tuned for more Java Code Geeks surprises within the new year.

Happy new year everyone! From the whole Java Code Geeks team, our best wishes!

Be well,

Ilias Tsagklis

Ilias is a software developer turned online entrepreneur. He is co-founder and Executive Editor at Java Code Geeks.
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1 year ago

Very interesting list. Those are very useful posts to read. Much appreciated.

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