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[FREE EBOOKS] Cyber Security and Network Security, Build Your Own Programming Language – Second Edition & Four More Best Selling Titles

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Cyber Security and Network Security ($169.00 Value) FREE for a Limited Time

Written and edited by a team of experts in the field, this is the most comprehensive and up-to-date study of the practical applications of cyber security and network security for engineers, scientists, students, and other professionals. Digital assaults are quickly becoming one of the most predominant issues on the planet. As digital wrongdoing keeps on expanding, it is increasingly more important to investigate new methodologies and advances that help guarantee the security of online networks. Ongoing advances and innovations have made great advances for taking care of security issues in a methodical manner. In light of this, organized security innovations have been delivered so as to guarantee the security of programming and correspondence functionalities at fundamental, improved, and engineering levels. This outstanding new volume covers all of the latest advances, innovations, and developments in practical applications for cybersecurity and network security. This team of editors represents some of the most well-known and respected experts in the area, creating this comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of the issues of the day and state of the art. Whether for the veteran engineer or scientist or a student, this volume is a must-have for any library.

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Build Your Own Programming Language – Second Edition ($39.99 Value) FREE for a Limited Time

There are many reasons to build a programming language: out of necessity, as a learning exercise, or just for fun. Whatever your reasons, this book gives you the tools to succeed. You’ll build the frontend of a compiler for your language and generate a lexical analyzer and parser using Lex and YACC tools. Then you’ll explore a series of syntax tree traversals before looking at code generation for a bytecode virtual machine or native code. In this edition, a new chapter has been added to assist you in comprehending the nuances and distinctions between preprocessors and transpilers. Code examples have been modernized, expanded, and rigorously tested, and all content has undergone thorough refreshing. You’ll learn to implement code generation techniques using practical examples, including the Unicon Preprocessor and transpiling Jzero code to Unicon. You’ll move to domain-specific language features and learn to create them as built-in operators and functions. You’ll also cover garbage collection. Dr. Jeffery’s experiences building the Unicon language are used to add context to the concepts, and relevant examples are provided in both Unicon and Java so that you can follow along in your language of choice. By the end of this book, you’ll be able to build and deploy your own domain-specific language.

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Python All-in-One For Dummies, 3rd Edition ($27.00 Value) FREE for a Limited Time

Everything you need to know to get into Python coding, with 7 books in one. Python All-in-One For Dummiesis your one-stop source for answers to all your Python questions. From creating apps to building complex web sites to sorting big data, Python provides a way to get the work done. This book is great as a starting point for those new to coding, and it also makes a perfect reference for experienced coders looking for more than the basics. Apply your Python skills to data analysis, learn to write AI-assisted code using GitHub CoPilot, and discover many more exciting uses for this top programming language. Get started coding in Python-even if you’re new to computer programming. Reference all the essentials and the latest updates, so your code is air-tight. Learn how Python can be a solution for large-scale projects and big datasets. Accelerate your career path with this comprehensive guide to learning Python. Experienced and would-be coders alike will love this easy-to-follow guide to learning and applying Python.

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PowerShell 7 Workshop ($35.99 Value) FREE for a Limited Time

Discover the capabilities of PowerShell 7 for your everyday tasks with this carefully paced tutorial that will help you master this versatile programming language. The first set of chapters will show you where to find and how to install the latest version of PowerShell, providing insights into the distinctive features that set PowerShell apart from other languages. You’ll then learn essential programming concepts such as variables and control flow, progressing to their applications. As you advance, you’ll work with files and APIs, writing scripts, functions, and modules. You’ll also gain proficiency in securing your PowerShell environment before venturing into different operating systems. Enriched with detailed practical examples tailored for Windows, Linux, macOS, and Raspberry Pi, each chapter weaves real-world scenarios to ignite your imagination and cement the principles you learn. You’ll be able to reinforce your understanding through self-assessment questions and delve deeper into the principles using comprehensive reading lists. By the end of this book, you’ll have the confidence to use PowerShell for physical computing and writing scripts for Windows administration.

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Everybody Writes: Your New and Improved Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content, 2nd Edition ($17.00 Value) FREE for a Limited Time

A hands-on field guide to consistently creating page-turning content that your audience loves. (And that delivers real results.). In the newly revised and updated edition ofEverybody Writes,marketer and author Ann Handley improves on herWall Street Journalbestselling book that’s helped hundreds of thousands become better, more confident writers. In this brand-new edition, she delivers all the practical, how-to advice and insight you need for the process and strategy of content creation, production, and publishing. This new edition also includes: All-new examples, tools, resources. Updated step-by-step writing framework. Added and expanded chapters that reflect the evolution of content marketing (and evolution of Ann’s thinking about what works today). The same witty and practical how-to approach. How to attract and retain customers with stellar online communication. How to choose your words well, sparingly, and with honest empathy for your customers. Best practices and ideas for crafting credible, trustworthy content. “Things Marketers Write”: The fundamentals of 19 specific kinds of content that marketers like you write. Inspiration. Confidence. Fun. In this book, you’ll discover: Content marketing has evolved. Yet writing matters more than ever. In this new edition ofEverybody Writes, you’ll find the strategies, techniques, tips, and tools you’ll need to refine, upgrade, and (most of all) inspire your own best content marketing.

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The DevSecOps Playbook: Deliver Continuous Security at Speed ($19.00 Value) FREE for a Limited Time

A must-read guide to a new and rapidly growing field in cybersecurity. In The DevSecOps Playbook: Deliver Continuous Security at Speed,Wiley CISO and CIO Sean D. Mack delivers an expert analysis of how to keep your business secure, relying on the classic triad of people, process, and technology to examine-in depth-every component of DevSecOps. In the book, you’ll learn why DevSecOps is as much about people and collaboration as it is about technology and how it impacts every part of our cybersecurity systems. You’ll explore the shared responsibility model at the core of DevSecOps, as well as the people, processes, and technology at the heart of the framework. You’ll also find: An insightful overview of DevOps and DevSecOps principles and practices. Strategies for shifting security considerations to the front-end of the development cycle. Ways that the standard security model has evolved over the years and how it has impacted our approach to cybersecurity. A need-to-read resource for security leaders, security engineers, and privacy practitioners across all industries,The DevSecOps Playbookwill also benefit governance, risk, and compliance specialists who seek to better understand how a transformed approach to cybersecurity can impact their business for the better.

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