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Top 10 JavaCodeGeeks posts for 2011

2011 is coming to its end, and like last year, we have created a compilation of the Top 10 Java Code Geeks posts for this year. This compilation serves as a reminder of our best moments for the year that is ending.

The posts ranking was performed based on the absolute number of page views per post, not necessarily unique. It includes only articles published in 2011. So, let’s see in ascending order the top posts for 2011.

10) The top 9+7 things every programmer or architect should know
This articles comprises a nice compilation of thoughts and topics about software development from very experienced authors. Hints and tips on things that programmers and architects should know. Closely related to an older article of ours, Things Every Programmer Should Know.

9) Hate Java? You’re fighting the wrong battle.
An article that explains why hating Java is futile. The author provides some reasons on why Java is looked down by some developers nowadays and claims that those “accusations” are quite irrelevant.

8) Java Fork/Join for Parallel Programming
This tutorial is a nice introduction to parallel programming with Java’s Fork/Join framework, published before the launch of Java 7 (which integrates those features into the JDK). It provides some examples on how to use the Fork/Join framework, which is designed to make divide-and-conquer algorithms easy to parallelize.

7) Android Quick Preferences Tutorial
An Android development tutorial. It explains how to use the native preferences framework in order to show, save and manipulate user’s preferences very easily. Don’t forget to check out the Android snippets section in our Java Examples and Code Snippets site.

6) RESTful Web Services with RESTeasy JAX-RS on Tomcat 7 – Eclipse and Maven project
The use of RESTful web services is constantly rising and this tutorial explains how to implement RESTful services using JBoss RESTeasy. The application is built with Maven and gets deployed on a Tomcat instance. Nice tutorial to get you started with REST.

5) Spring MVC Development – Quick Tutorial
This tutorial will kickstart you with your web applications allowing to leverage Spring’s web framework. Spring MVC enables easy web application development with a framework based on the Model View Controller architecture (MVC) pattern.

4) Android JSON Parsing with Gson Tutorial
The existence of this tutorial in the Top 10 was quite a surprise to me, especially since it rose to such a high position. It shows that Android developers look for efficient ways to handle JSON data and Google Gson is an elegant solution for this.

3) 10 Tips for Proper Application Logging
A compilation of tips on logging and how to properly use it in your applications, highly recommended. The topic of logging is enormous so make sure to also check out The Java Logging Mess and Configure LogBack Logging with Spring.

2) Android Google Maps Tutorial
Another Android hit. This tutorial shows how to integrate Google Maps into your Android application. The well established Google Maps API is used under the hood in order to bring the power of Google Maps to your Android applications. After this, also check out Android Location Based Services Application.

1) Funny Source Code Comments
The most popular Java Code Geeks post for 2011 and, all in all, second only to our all time classic GWT 2 Spring 3 JPA 2 Hibernate 3.5 Tutorial. It is a collection of funny source code comments, provided by developers all over the world. Take a look at it, it could definitely make your day.

That’s it guys. Our top posts for 2011. I hope you have enjoyed our blog during the past year and that you will continue to provide your support in the year to come.

Happy new year everyone! From the whole Java Code Geeks team, our best wishes!

Ilias Tsagklis

Ilias Tsagklis

Ilias is a software developer turned online entrepreneur. He is co-founder and Executive Editor at Java Code Geeks.
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Jon Fisher
Jon Fisher
12 years ago

:) Thanks for the great summary on #9 That post really set off a lot of interesting discussion!

Fadi El-Eter
12 years ago
Reply to  Jon Fisher

Post #9 is really excellent. I used to hate Java, but now I can’t, this thing powers Android phones. For a while I thought Java’s death was imminent. Not anymore!

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