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Top 10 JavaCodeGeeks posts for 2012

Following the tradition, we are once again compiling the top Java Code Geeks for the year that is ending. As with the Top 10 JavaCodeGeeks posts for 2010 and the Top 10 JavaCodeGeeks posts for 2011, we have created a compilation with the most popular posts for this year.

The posts ranking was performed based on the absolute number of page views per post, not necessarily unique. It includes only articles published in 2012. So, let’s see in ascending order the top posts for 2012.

10) 4 Warning Signs that Agile Is Declining
This article spread like fire and spurred a lot of conversations. The author provides some signs on why agile methodology is on the decline and suggests that Agile, as used nowadays, doesn’t deliver on its promise.

9) 20 Database Design Best Practices
As the title suggests, this is a list with common database design best practices, ranging from name convention and data type selection, to security issues and documentation.

8) XML parsing using SaxParser with complete code
A detailed tutorial on how to use the SAX parser. Including creating the model objects and parsing a sample XML document using callback methods. Also, check out our article Approaches to XML – Part 2 – What about SAX?.

7) JVM: How to analyze Thread Dump
This article is a detailed guide on how to analyze a JVM Thread Dump and pinpoint the root cause of any problems. As the author says, Thread Dump analysis is a very critical skill-set to master for any individual involved in Java EE production support.

6) Why I will use Java EE instead of Spring in new Enterprise Java Projects in 2012
Another article that generated a lot of heated arguments. The eternal fight between Java EE and Spring framework. The author lists the advantages of both approaches and explains why he opted for Java EE.

5) Ajax with Spring MVC 3 using Annotations and JQuery
Speaking of Spring, this is a detailed tutorial on how to implement Ajax functionality with Spring MVC and jQuery. These two technologies can be combined in order to achieve a smooth user experience on web apps.

4) Intellij vs. Eclipse
Another battle, this time the battle of IDEs! All developers have their favorite IDE and this article explores the differences between two of the most popular in the Java world, namely Intellij and Eclipse. On the same note, check out What’s Cool In IntelliJIDEA Part I and Eclipse Shortcuts for Increased Productivity.

3) 20 Kick-ass programming quotes
Addressing the funnier side of software development, this article is a compilation of great programming quotes, quotes from famous programmers, computer scientists and savvy entrepreneurs of our time. Check it out, you will find some gems in there!

2) Top 10 Things Every Software Engineer Should Know
This article discusses the top things that every software engineer should be familiar with, adopting and all around approach. With this I mean that technical and business-how skills along with soft skills are discussed. Must read!

1) JSF 2, PrimeFaces 3, Spring 3 & Hibernate 4 Integration Project
And finally, the most popular Java Code Geeks post for 2012 is this tutorial combining a number of enterprise Java technologies such as JSF, PrimeFaces, Spring and Hibernate. Honestly, this was a bit of surprise to me, but I think this shows how big is the adoption of these technologies by the Java developers world.

That’s all folks. Our top posts for 2012. I hope you have enjoyed our articles during the past year and that you will continue to provide your support and give us your love in the year to come.

Happy new year everyone! From the whole Java Code Geeks team, our best wishes!

Be well,

Ilias Tsagklis

Ilias is a software developer turned online entrepreneur. He is co-founder and Executive Editor at Java Code Geeks.
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