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Best Of The Week – 2012 – W06

Hello guys,

Time for the “Best Of The Week” links for the week that just passed. Here are some links that drew Java Code Geeks attention:

* You need a code review: This article praises the merits of code reviews and discusses its benefits such as creating code quality, preventing bugs and mistakes, transferring knowledge, teaching less experienced developers and more. Also check out Code reviews in the 21st Century and Not doing Code Reviews? What’s your excuse?.

* A business component architecture with Spring 3.0/3.1 – Part 3: Properties: In this tutorial, handling configuration properties with Spring is examined. Reading properties is infrastructure code and therefore should ne separated from business logic. Also check out Properties with Spring.

* Identity Management with Spring Security: In this presentation, identity management with Spring security is discussed along with SSO, security standards – SAML, OpenID, OAuth, SCIM, JWT-, how Spring Security fits in, and demoing IdM as a service. Also check out OAuth with Spring Security and Single Sign On for the cloud: SAML & OpenId.

* UI Construction with JavaFX: This tutorial presents some principles on UI construction and describes how to leverage them with JavaFX for creating widgets, applying the correct layout and style, performing data binding and attaching handlers.

* Are You a Zen Coder or Distraction-Junkie?: Must read article on programmer’s productivity. Examines the differences between Zen coder (clean cut, focused) and the distraction junkie (mind all over the place). As stated, the key to true productivity and efficiency is to focus 100% on the one thing you are doing at the moment, and then to completely switch and do something else. Good stuff…

* Get in control with Spring Insight!: This tutorial presents how to writing your own Spring Insight plugin. With Spring Insight it is possible to gather performance information about your web application and it offers a default set of plugins/inspections for different kinds of frameworks/libraries like Spring Core and Web, JDBC, Servlets, Hibernate and Grails. Also check out Spring Insight – Web Application Profiling.

* Performance Analysis of REST/HTTP Services with JMeter and Yourkit: Nice article on how to combine JMeter and Yourkit for perfomance analysis and profiling of REST and HTTP based services. This combination allows us to troubleshoot performance and scaling issues.

* Java EE on Google App Engine: CDI to the Rescue: In this presentation, several tips and tricks are shared on how to use top Java EE specs, CDI, JPA, JSF2, and Bean Validation within GAE’s restrictive sandbox while still benefiting from the highly scalable environment it provides and maintaining portability to other Java EE containers. Also check out From Spring to Java EE 6 and Java EE 6 vs. Spring Framework: A technology decision making process.

* Developer Productivity Report – Part 2: Developer Stress: A report on what stresses developers (things like deadlines and perfomance issues reached the top) and an interview with Martijn Verburg who shares his opinion on the matter. I really liked his approach on keeping up with new technologies (identify trends and learn the principles behind them).

* Three Pillars of Project Management: This article discusses the tree main pillars of project management, i.e. (domain) knowledge, experience in the field and people skills. A synergy of all three elements is key for a successful career as a project manager.

* A Basic Guide To Passwords and Social Engineering: As the title suggests, this is a rudimentary guide to passwords and social engineering. Provides some examples and use cases and suggests a few tips to enhance security. Also check Simple Security Rules and Hints for writing secure code.

That’s all for this week. Stay tuned for more, here at Java Code Geeks.


Ilias Tsagklis

Ilias Tsagklis

Ilias is a software developer turned online entrepreneur. He is co-founder and Executive Editor at Java Code Geeks.
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4 years ago

Thanks for this list. It is still useful in 2020 :)

Did you know that the link to the ‘jdbc Logging with a Proxy Driver: jdbcdslog’ article is broken?

Nataly Evagorou
4 years ago
Reply to  Archie

Hi Archie, thank you for your comment. We removed that link from the list.

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