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CloudEvent Basics

CloudEvent is a way of describing events in a common way. This specification is starting to be adopted across different event producers across Cloud Providers, which over time will provide these benefits: Consistency: The format of an event looks the same irrespective of the source producing the event, systems which transmit the event and systems consuming the event.  Tooling: Since ...

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Reactive’s Looming Doom. Part III: Advanced Reactive

1. Introduction The last post presented the fundamental concepts of the reactive approach, including a specification and its implementation. Now it is time to show where the reactive approach shines, including those possibilities that are often overlooked. Table Of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Reactor docs 3. Flux/Mono states 4. Operator .publishOn() 5. Best use cases 5.1 Streaming IO 5.2 Events 5.3 Resiliency 5.4 Worth mentioning ...

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Workflows Tips #46: Search Flow History, Allow Delegated Admins to Run Flows, Search Groups and Working With Lists Meetup Recording

Welcome to Okta Workflows Tips post. Read all previous tips. In this post: New in Workflows: search flow history and allow delegated admins to run flows Search for groups with custom search criteria Working with lists online meetup recording New in Workflows: Search Flow History and Allow Delegated Admins to Run Flows Search flow history The Workflows team released two new features ...

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Capitalize English Titles With Java, Quarkus & GraalVM

Over the years, I’ve been writing a lot in English, which isn’t my mother tongue, and for writing titles (headlines, article titles, etc.) I always have to think which words to capitalize. Thus, I’ve created a small tool, of course written in Java, that I use as command line tool, powered by Quarkus, Picocli, and GraalVM. What I want to ...

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The 2023 Premium Learn to Code Certification Bundle

Hey fellow geeks, This week, on our JCG Deals store, we have another extreme offer. We are offering a massive 98% off on The 2023 Premium Learn to Code Certification Bundle. Get it now with only $39,99 instead of the original price of $2786. This is a 14 course bundle that includes the following lessons. Learn to Code with Python ...

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Python Ternary Operator

Hello in this tutorial, we will understand the ternary operator in python programming. 1. Introduction The ternary operator is used in programming languages to return output based on a binary condition. It is similar to the if-else condition block just a little neat. In python, it is represented by the below syntax – Syntax value_if_true if condition else value_if_false 1.1 ...

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Logging Failed and Successful Authentication Attempts with SpringBoot

Introduction In the latest OWASP top 10 (OWASP Top 10:2021) list with, the well known standard awareness document for developers and web application security that represents a broad consensus about the most critical security risks to web applications, a mentioned is made regarding identification and authentication failures (A07:2021 – Identification and Authentication Failures). Previously known as “Broken authentication” it refers ...

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Convert JSON file to YAML using JQ

What is this article about? When you are working on the web or with DevOps or GitOps, you will have cases where you want to transform a JSON file to YAML. This article walks you though converting the JSON document to YAML using the “jq” tool. Official YAML Spec Official JSON Spec JQ Tool (jq is like ‘sed’ for JSON ...

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