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How much faster is Java 11?

Java 11 was released some time ago, although the majority of developers stay on Java 8. Let’s see which one of them is faster for OptaPlanner. The best way to find out is of course running OptaPlanner benchmarks. This article is a follow up on our similar article for Java 8. Benchmark methodology To run the benchmark we used: A stable machine without ...

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Using Minimum Fractional Digits with JDK 12 Compact Number Formatting

The post “Compact Number Formatting Comes to JDK 12” demonstrated the support added to NumberFormat in JDK 12 to support compact number formatting. The examples shown in that post only used the instances of NumberFormat returned by invocations of NumberFormat‘s new overloaded getCompactNumberInstance(-) methods and so therefore did not specify characteristics such as minimum fractional digits and maximum fractional digits. ...

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What if the Architect is Wrong?

You most probably know what I think about the architect role on a software project—it’s that of a dictator who makes all technical decisions and who bears the entire responsibility for the final result. I wrote about it and even gave a task Who is a Software Architect? at BuildStuff in 2016. However, the obvious question you may ask is: ...

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Using Apache Ignite thin client – Apache Ignite insider blog


From the version 2.4.0, Apache Ignite introduced a new way to connect to the Ignite cluster, which allows communication with the Ignite cluster without starting an Ignite client node. Historically, Apache Ignite provides two notions of client and server nodes. Ignite client node intended as lightweight mode, which does not store data (however, it can store near cache), and does ...

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Balance Innovation, Commitment, & Feedback Loops: Part 1: High Innovation Products

Many of my clients are trying to use short feedback loops in agile approaches. That desire bumps up against their management’s desires for longer commitments. This continuum might help them think through their needs for commitment and innovation. High Need for Product Innovation and Change The more need for product innovation and change, the shorter the feedback loops need to be. It’s not useful ...

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DBMS vs RDBMS: Comparison and Differences between DBMS and RDBMS

The World is all about Data. Know more about DBMS and RDBMS…and what’s next. Data and Information Management is not new. Nevertheless, this article is for those people who are new to the data world and are constantly seeking and searching for relevant information online. In this article, we are going to take a dip into DBMS and RDBMS. 1. ...

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Selecting a Software Architecture

Okay, so you are starting the development of your new top-notch web-based software application. You have your agile methodology in place and the development team can start laying out the software architecture. This will be the first hurdle to overcome in the development process. Making the software design too tight will conflict with the agile software development methodology and will ...

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Bootiful Development with Spring Boot and Vue


“I love writing authentication and authorization code.” ~ No Java Developer Ever. Tired of building the same login screens over and over? Try the Okta API for hosted authentication, authorization, and multi-factor auth. Vue is a web framework that’s gotten a lot of attention lately because it’s lean and mean. Its baseline framework cost is around 40K and is known ...

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Integration Key to Customer Experience – Example Process Integration

In my previous article from this series we looked in to details that determine how your integration becomes the key to transforming your customer experience. It started with laying out the process of how I’ve approached the use case by researching successful customer portfolio solutions as the basis for a generic architectural blueprint. Having completed our discussions on the blueprint details, ...

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