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Project Valhalla: A First Look at LW2 Inline Types

I summarized some recent Project Valhalla LW2 “inline types” progress that was made public recently in my blog post “Valhalla LW2 Progress – Inline Types.” In this post, I illustrate some of the concepts summarized in that post with code examples executed against recently released Valhalla Early Access Build jdk-14-valhalla+1-8 (2019/7/4). All code examples featured in this post are available ...

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Valhalla LW2 Progress – Inline Types

There has been significant public-facing progress in the past few weeks (June/July 2019) for Project Valhalla‘s LW2 phase/prototype originally proposed in October 2018. In this post, I briefly summarize some of the messages, documents, and Valhalla Early Access Builds that have been released recently. LW2 is described in the Valhalla Wiki page as an early prototype that “[moves] inline types ...

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How to Automate an API Security Program Without Adding Staff


In this post, we feature a comprehensive article on How to Automate an API Security Program Without Adding Staff. In the modern world, data is important to both the providers as well as the consumers. The emergence of data science certifies this fact. For certain organizations, the entire business model is built on the exchange of information. Let’s take the ...

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Microservices for Java Developers: Deployment and Orchestration

In this post, we feature a comprehensive article on Microservices for Java Developers: Deployment and Orchestration. 1. Introduction These days more and more organizations are relying on cloud computing and managed service offerings to host their services. This strategy has a lot of benefits but you still have to choose the best deployment game plan for your microservices fleet. Table ...

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What Does Long-Term Support Mean for OpenJDK?

Bruno Borges recently tweeted a question about long-term support (LTS) of OpenJDK, which shows that there is still some confusion over what this really means.  In this blog post, I’ll explain how the different parts fit together. So… who says, or where it is said, that "#OpenJDK 11" is LTS?I feel there's still confusion regarding LTS definition. Ubuntu has 'openjdk-lts' ...

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Continuous Reliability: How to Move Fast and NOT Break Things

Development and IT Ops teams commonly find themselves in a game of tug-of-war between two key objectives: driving innovation and maintaining reliable (i.e. stable) software.  To drive innovation, we’re seeing the emergence of CI/CD practices and the rise of automation. To maintain reliability software, DevOps practices and Site Reliability Engineering are being adopted to ensure the stability of software in ...

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How to use profiles in Spring Boot Application


Hello Friends, In this tutorial,we will learn,how we can use profiles in a Spring Boot Application. We will discuss following points in this tutorial : 1. What is Spring Boot Profile and Why we need Profiling2. How to do Profiling in Spring Boot with Example3. How to set/change the default profile1. What is Spring Boot Profile and Why we need ...

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Java hexadecimal floating point literal

How I met hexadecimal floating point numbers I was developing a new functionality into Java::Geci to make it less prone to code reformatting. The current release of the code will overwrite an otherwise identical code if it was reformatted. It is annoying since it is fairly easy to press the reformatting key shortcut and many projects even require that developers ...

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