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First steps with NFC in Android


This post describes how to use NFC in Android. The NFC technology stands for Near Field Communication and you can find the specification at NFC Forum. In this first post, we will analyse some basic aspects of NFC and we will describe how we can implement an app in Android that handles NFC tags. If you want to experiment NFC, ...

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Neo4j: TF/IDF (and variants) with cypher


A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post on running TF/IDF over HIMYM transcripts using scikit-learn to find the most important phrases by episode and afterwards I was curious how difficult it’d be to do in Neo4j. I started by translating one of wikipedia’s TF/IDF examples to cypher to see what the algorithm would look like:       ...

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Netflix Archaius properties in a Spring project


Archaius Basics Netflix Archaius is a library for managing configuration for an application. Consider a properties file “” holding a property called “myprop”:               myprop=myprop_value_default This is how the file is loaded up using Archaius: ConfigurationManager .loadCascadedPropertiesFromResources("sample"); String myProp = DynamicPropertyFactory.getInstance().getStringProperty("myprop", "NOT FOUND").get(); assertThat(myProp, equalTo("myprop_value_default")); Archaius can load property appropriate to an environment, consider ...

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Docker Compose to Orchestrate Containers


Docker Orchestration using Fig showed how to defining and control a multi-container service using Fig. Since then, Fig has been renamed to Docker Compose, or Compose for short. First release of Compose was announced recently:             Announcing @docker compose by @aanand @bfirsh & community! — Docker (@docker) February 26, 2015 From Compose is a tool for ...

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Building Vert.x projects using Gradle


We currently use Vert.x in several internal and external projects. Until the most recent project we where building our Vert.x modules using Maven. Gradle is our build tool of choice, but the default approach described at the Vert.x site caused several issues: The task of cloning, cleaning and configuring the template project is error-prone; The template project does not support recent Gradle versions >= 2.x; This ...

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Integration testing on REST urls with Spring Boot


We are building a Spring Boot application with a REST interface and at some point we wanted to test our REST interface, and if possible, integrate this testing with our regular unit tests. One way of doing this, would be to @Autowire our REST controllers and call our endpoints using that. However, this won’t give full converage, since it will ...

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Drools 6.2.0.Final Released


We are happy to announce the latest and greatest Drools 6.2.0.Final release. This release in particular had a greater focus on improved usability and features that make the project easier to use (and adopt). Lots of improvements on the workbench UI, support for social activities and plugin management, as well as a brand new Execution Server for rules are among ...

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What is wrong with troubleshooting tools?


“Troubleshooting is a form of problem solving applied to repair failed software. It is a logical, systematic search for the source of a problem so that it can be solved, and so the software can be made operational again.” This definition from Wikipedia is using fancy words to tell you that – whenever your application is broken, somebody has to ...

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A beginner’s guide to JPA and Hibernate Cascade Types


Introduction JPA translates entity state transitions to database DML statements. Because it’s common to operate on entity graphs, JPA allows us to propagate entity state changes from Parents to Child entities. This behavior is configured through the CascadeType mappings. JPA vs Hibernate Cascade Types Hibernate supports all JPA Cascade Types and some additional legacy cascading styles. The following table draws ...

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Prevent ‘No plugin found’ in multi-module maven


Defining a maven plugin on a submodule in a multi-module maven project can give us a ‘No plugin found’ error. Especially if we have a multi-module project and we want to apply a maven plugin in only one specific module this error occur pretty often. Let’s say we have a multi-module root pom which looks like this.       ...

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